Reviews & Testimonials for healing.

I thoroughly enjoyed the meditation workshop that Matthew facilitated. My practice has deepened. I highly recommend trying one of Matthew’s workshops. The methods he used to guide us are something I was able to put into practice the next day. My 5 minutes of stillness and mindfulness have become 10 minutes with seemingly no extra “effort.

Greg Nacozy, Houma

“I attended Matthew Ancira’s and Dr. Lisa DeFusco’s Wellness Workshop on 5-16-15, and it was an amazing experience for me.

When I called to sign up for the workshop I was not sure it would be helpful to me, but I was curious and wanted to explore other alternatives of healing. As an alternative to hip replacement surgery, I had been seeing a chiropractor weekly for chronic pain in my lower back and my right hip, as well as for loss of strength in the muscles in my right leg for this past year.

Matthew provided excellent information regarding meditation and energy balancing, and the meditation experience was wonderful. Matthew then went to the participants to provide energy balancing. When he came to me, he touched my left leg behind my knee and my right hip became warm, which lasted for several minutes. It was a truly surprising and unique experience for me. As a result my right hip felt better and I did not lose strength in my leg muscles.

I am truly appreciative to Matthew and Lisa for this wonderful healing experience. They are my guides on my new holistic path to healing.

Marcia Roome, New Orleans

Reviews & TestimonialsMatthew is knowledgeable about the whole person and how to integrate spirit, mind, emotions, and body for health, wholeness, and serving others.  Attending one of Matthew’s afternoon workshops was a stimulating adventure with guided meditation and healing energy work. Using Matthew’s time honored techniques, I find that my body is cleansed and clearer. Because of this, I am calmer and my relationships are more harmonious and satisfying.  When practicing the Medical Chi Kung meditation technique, I remember who I truly am and wonder why I don’t practice more. Matthew teaches  Medical Chi Kung very systematically which makes for successful learning.   Matthew is eager to teach what he knows so that others can heal themselves.

Andrea Fagen, New Orleans

I am not sure one can express meditation experience in words. Yet Matthew via words gave me some tools, ideas as to what to do and how and the rest was up to my inner doing. In shamanic ceremonies a shaman acts as a guide for an inexperienced adept to not get lost. I did not know that same applies to meditation, if the teacher does his work well, the student goes to that inner world fast. One can meditate on his own and this can be reached perhaps after many trials but if the experienced teacher is near by-the help is tremendous.This is exactly what I felt Matthew or his energy or the direction of his intention did to me and my meditation. I was there but I was not there at the same time.But precisely there is the direction and the place where I want to keep returning to and working on myself from.Thank you, Matthew for showing this to me.

Marta Brikyte, Lithuania

Matthew Ancira’s gentle guidance through his Medical Chi Kung course clears thinking and adjusts behaviors to allow new levels of spiritual awareness. This awareness and following practice allows profound healing in all areas of life. Pain in my body caused by old injuries and tension has left. My mood has heightened. My blood pressure has lowered. My daily life goals have materialized with the increase oxygen, blood flow, and energy that allows me to be more productive. Others have noticed my elevated emotional and physical health and made extremely positive comments about my demeanor and looks. I feel grounded and elevated at the same time which enables me to extend this positivity to others. I am better able to patiently encourage and physically help family and friends with their endeavors. This course and resulting practice would benefit anyone in any area of life in innumerable ways.

Karen Bowe, Teacher

It has been my pleasure to take classes from Matthew for the last 5 months. I take a weekly meditation class and I have finished Level One Medical Chi Kung. As a medical doctor, I am delighted to find a practice to heal both mind and body. In Western medicine there is an emphasis placed on treatment with medicine. Chi Kung is a form of Eastern medicine that focuses on prevention of disease and healing oneself through their own chi (energy). Our Chi is medicine. This practice of cultivating one’s chi, not only reduces stress, but also allows awareness of the mind-body connection. This provides a happier, healthier life. Matthew’s enthusiasm and knowledge about Chi Kung inspires his students. I’m grateful to Matthew for teaching me an alternative method to heal my patients.

Lisa DeFusco, MD

This was the first time I took a Chi Kung course. After reading his website, I decided to have a private session with Matthew before enrolling in the 3 month course. That required that a set of very interesting questions be answered and returned to Matthew before the meeting. I let myself be playful with them and it set a tone of adventure and trust. That session was very personal, yet I felt I was safe. It left me with the feeling that the start of the class couldn’t get here soon enough. After more private work with Matthew as well as some times when I needed help on the spot when healing crises came up, Matthew was there for me with maturity, stillness, love, undivided, focused and solution-oriented guidance. He literally saved me a trip to the Emergency Room. I have never had a session or class with any practitioner or teacher in which I felt this level of presence, respect, acknowledgement, patience, encouragement and the wonderful feeling of seeing genuine joy in your teacher’s eyes as I progressed through the lessons of the course. My goal was to practice Chi Kung daily. In actuality, I have practiced about 3-4x/week. The benefits for me are that I feel dramatically clearer, lighter, happier. The most significant reward for the time, effort and money put into the class, private sessions and practice at home is the commitment to self I have gained, as well as a connection with a wonderful person who I believe I will be learning from and sharing friendship with for a long, long time.

                                                      Anne Atkinson, Massage Therapist

Matthew is an excellent meditation and Chi Kung teacher.  He truly feels what each student needs.  He has a natural calming ability that makes the meditation classes truly inspiring.  I highly recommend his classes!

                                  Meggie George, Singer

Matthew is a natural teacher.  I have been taking meditation classes for a month now and also started Chi Kung.   I am happy to say this is what I have been looking for.  Meditation is like getting to know your true self and realizing what you don’t need to be taken hostage by your crazy mind with its thousands of daily thoughts.  I look forward to what Chi Kung will be able to teach me and recommend Matthew’s classes to anyone seeking to explore meditation and become more spiritual aware.

Robert Galloway, Web Designer

Having just retired from running my own business, I was searching for ways to fill my days during this new chapter of my life when I stumbled upon Matthew’s meditation classes. He includes exercises designed to improve focus and relaxation, as well as to gain understanding of our true selves. Matthew’s enthusiasm, knowledge, and compassion combine to create an enlightening experience in each class. I give him an unequivocal recommendation.

Cheryl Remsberg, MCD

Chi Kung is life changing. If you aren’t practicing Chi Kung then you are not allowing yourself to truly be free. I wish everyone could experience this practice. Treat yourself!!!!

Mary Brieden, Salon Owner

I’ve been taking meditation and Chi Kung with Matthew for the past few months. There are many paths to relaxation and renewing energy. Yoga, Chi Kung and meditation have all worked for me in different ways. Matthew is passionate about helping people improve their health and well being.

                     Catherine L., Lawyer

So fortunate to Floweroflifehave found these classes.  Matthew is a truly devoted and passionate teacher.  Each class I attend gives me the much needed opportunity to reconnect with myself on a deeper level.  For those leading busy lives, so important to find the time to meditate.  Matthew provides excellent insight and guidance…highly recommend him.

                                                                        Eva M., Entrepreneur