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Holistic Health Sessions are for individuals and held in group settings. Holistic Health work addresses the following areas:

Coaching/Counseling, holistic psychosomatic approach to supporting a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Diet and self-nourishment review.

Exercise routine – activity review.

Mindfulness training and meditation techniques.

Chinese 7th depth Chi Kung Energy cultivation private instruction.

Japanese Safety Energy Lock 5 Element energy healing work. Balancing the body, aches and pains, to critical life threatening projects.

Spiritual guidance and solutions to relationship projects.

Life and career path support.

Healing Shifts

I provide sustainable holistic health sessions that will lead to change in a good way.  The success of each session longstanding depends on where each person is in their awareness, which we aim to increase.

 The process of release, based on self-healing is a personal journey into the layers you are ready to allow. Through your communication of mind, body and spirit the best resources possible will be provided in order to channel shifts in your mental and your energetic blocks for your greater good. As you self-heal you are accessing deeper consciousness, knowledge, and more unity within the world.

Rates are determined after filling out and returning a Q&A sheet and then pricing is set based on your needs.


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