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Healing center for natural
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Support and solutions
for better health.

Increase Circulation, and Regenerate Organ Health.
"Get A Complete Nervous System Reset."

Would you like to "Remove Anxiety?"
Or Get Out of the State of Fight or Flight?

Experienced Eastern & Western Practitioners,
Dr. Lisa DeFusco Ancira & Matthew Ancira,
Located in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Hands on healing!

For Those Seeking Better Health Results!
We Are Holistic Healers.

Heal and Open your  

Energy Healing That Works!

The New Orleans community seeking solutions to medical problems that are not being solved, pain that is unbearable, and health issues that require answers are welcome to contact our office.

Life is a challenge and many are suffering, however this does not have to last forever.

What we do not know or cannot solve we will tell you and offer other resources.  However there is a lot that can actually be done to help you get better health results.

Answers and results are available when you are ready.
Higher Purpose Healing Medical Doctor

Our Mission: Facilitating each person taking control of their own body and mind and healing.

We provide Mind, Body, and Spiritual services the public wants, needs, and appreciates.

Are you ready to put your Health first; nurture your body, and build your mind? Great! Do it with us!

Experience: Ancient teacher to student knowledge, old ways of healing, understanding person specific nutritional needs, neuromuscular sports and bodily injury repair, building life force, eastern bodywork, massage therapy, energy balancing, stretching for longevity, chakra opening, trigger point therapy, shiatsu, tuina, five element healing, acupressure, supplement, herbs & plant medicine experience and knowledge, oils, relationship meditation therapy, massive energy, preventative care, and many other natural health solutions. 

Ever wondered what it’s like to have a holistic pediatrician lead your family towards a balanced life, incorporating both medical expertise and natural approaches to well-being? Join the Higher Purpose Healing® community, committed to delivering genuine medical insights and potent holistic remedies. We empower parents to heal themselves and their children, combining Western and Eastern medicine for a homeopathic, integrative, intuitive, and results-oriented therapeutic experience.

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Join Matthew and Lisa for a deep dive into transforming your life. Let us help you express your essence, find your meaning in the world and elevate your higher purpose.

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We have spent half of our lives training and learning what is optimal health. The information comes from knowledge and experience. In our courses, we offer a blend of western medicine and eastern medicine, interconnecting the mind and body, and teaching tools that we know work.

Educational Guidance Via
Health Courses and Memberships

We have spent half of our lives training and learning what is optimal health. We live the practices daily and have adopted the lifestyle for fun and healthy living. Information we share comes from knowledge and first hand experience. In our community, we offer a blend of western medicine and eastern medicine, interconnecting the mind, body, and spirit and teaching tools that we know work. Sign up and join to be informed when the next opportunity drops.

Pam Russell
Pam Russell
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Matthew and Lisa have so much to offer through their work. Just through one group meditation on emotions, I was able to leap frog months, if not years of work dealing with my anger and other emotions.Matthew, through his body and energy work, also did more for me in one session unlocking my tight calves than weeks of physical therapy had been able to accomplish.

Matthew and Lisa are personable and really care about the people they treat and work with. I can't recommend trying Higher Purpose enough, especially if you've hit a dead end with conventional methods of emotional and physical healing (they are related!).
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I agree with the review that says run here! Lol I cannot tell you how grateful I am to Matthew for releasing so much stress and pain in my body. I have never experienced anything like it. I have had an issue in my back for 5-6 years and it is completely gone after a couple sessions.

I have had terrible nerve pain in my face and it was immediately gone after one session. I always feel lighter like a heavy load has been lifted off of me everytime I leave. Anxiety and stress just dissipates.

I'm taking everyone I know here when they visit me! I am eternally grateful. Matthew is truly a gem and I cannot recommend enough.
Chloe Carpenter
Chloe Carpenter
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I love every single session I have with Matthew. I experience and gain something new about myself, my purpose, and my place in the world in every hour long session. He has helped me heal many pains, internal and external, and has even diminished problems I was not even aware of that could have turned into serious issues. I am so grateful for Matthew and all of the healing energy, love, understanding, and knowledge I gain from him.

Matthew’s workshops are wonderful as well. His guided meditations and group discussions have helped me reach deep within myself and connect with others on a whole new level. I highly recommend his workshops and one-on-one sessions especially if you are someone who has experienced past traumas, is going through any hardships, is experiencing pain, or is looking to deepen your awareness and self love.
Ann T.
Ann T.
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Unbelievable results in just a few visits! Dx with RA and as a result damage to cartilage around knee. Tried cortisone injection with no success. By sheer luck stumbled upon Matthew. His gifts are considerable and feels magical. With pressure from a single point in my shoulder I am able now able to use my knee.

Both of my parents were Medical Doctors and I have many doctors in my immediate family, so didn't look to oriental medicine first. However, I am a true believer in this specific case. Matthew is healing my knee with no medication. It's almost too good to be true. Almost don't want him to be discovered, he'll be too busy to see me.