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Healing Center Blending Eastern & Western Medicine.

Natural Hands On Energy Healing Therapy in NOLA.

We Are Higher Purpose Healing
Blended Eastern & Western Medicine
Dr. Lisa DeFusco Ancira & Healer Matthew Ancira

"Reset Your Nervous System."
"Increase Circulation" - Improve Organ Health.

"Reduce Anxiety" Resolve Fight or Flight!

Heal and Open your  

Mission: Empowering through education and action for each person who joins our community to take control of their body, mind, and energy for self healing and the healing of their families.

We provide mind, body, and spiritual (energy) services the public wants, needs, and appreciates.  Interested in nurturing your body, and build your mind with us! 

Are you ready to put yourself first and your healing first?

Ancient Experience: teacher to student knowledge, old ways of healing, understanding person specific nutritional needs, neuromuscular sports and bodily injury repair, building life force, eastern bodywork, massage therapy, energy balancing, stretching for longevity, chakra opening, trigger point therapy, shiatsu, tuina, five element healing, acupressure, supplement, herbs & plant medicine experience and knowledge, oils, relationship meditation therapy, massive energy, preventative care, and many other natural health solutions. 

Life Changing & Educational
Hands On Energy Healing

We have spent half of our lives training and learning holistic healing and what is optimal health. The information comes from knowledge and experience. In our work, we offer a blend of western medicine and eastern medicine, interconnecting the mind, body, and spirit (energy) and teaching tools that we know heal and work. Healing is a way of life and provides access to the sweetness in life that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Hands On Healing Energy That Works!

Higher Purpose Healing Medical Doctor's Review

Life can be a challenge yet there is no need to suffer.

Healing the medical community, doctors, nurses, chiropractors, massage therapists, physical therapists, acupuncturists, herbal healers, social workers, reiki practitioners, yogis, naturopathy doctors, and any service provider working hard to help the community. 

Healing anyone seeking solutions to problems that are not yet resolved, pain that is unbearable or health issues that require out of the box answers are welcome to contact our office.  We support all ages and walks of life, all level of human issues and if it is outside our wheelhouse we will tell you. 

We serve all people in need of healing that are ready for change for the better.  

Get Your Hands On Energy Healing On!