About Matthew Ancira

Matthew Ancira is a family man, spiritual leader, meditation and chi kung teacher, energy healer, bodyworker, relationship coach, and entrepreneur. Matthew owned and operated several small businesses, founded and led a non-profit to support women and children, and pioneered an international development for holistic living. He is familiar with grassroots, corporate America, and culture from around the world.

Originally from New Orleans, traiteur healing abilities are felt in his presence. Matthew is a student of self-awareness and leads groups to achieve a state of awareness of mind, body, and spirit, purpose-filled direction, and self-empowerment.

He is an inheritor of eastern medicine healing from teacher to student, designed to fix and heal the mind and body.

Experiences include participating in Native American, shamanic and eastern medicine arts culturally and through ceremonies. As a seasoned healer and visionary, there is a high vibration to be enveloped in while spending time with Matthew Ancira.

How Lisa and I met

Introduced by a mutual friend at Audubon Yoga in New Orleans, we began sitting in the same early morning meditation class.

This introduction began our merged paths of healing that led to Chi Kung, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Tui na, and the Eastern approach of healing.
Years later, we took a trip to Brasil to explore alternative healing modalities and visit João de Deus.

During our time, one thing became clear; we were to help the world in conscious awakening, enter into romance, and start a family.