About Matthew Ancira, healing the mind, body, soul, while building energy

About Matthew Ancira

About Matthew Ancira
Why I Chose Healing?

I have enjoyed many lives living around the globe and throughout the United States gaining life experience.

As an entrepreneur from twenty-three, owning and operating several small businesses, a non-profit, navigating the corporate world, and establishing the foundation for international projects, I have managed to uncover the spiritual blessings from these events.

My life focus shifted to repairing and solving my health traumas that resulted from many occurrences along the way. Being groomed by teachers while I was healed, I began to learn the old ways.

Today I provide health knowledge, spiritual guidance, and energy, while offering the opportunity for others to heal as I have learned.

What Is It That I Do?

Guide the healing process in mental, physical, and spiritual health offering energy to provide relief and arrive at solutions to life long pains. Preventative measures are a big part of this practice in addition to addressing severe conditions.

Build the immune system, solve traumas, and remove pain in the body and mind.

Teach healthier lifestyle tools while centering and building the energy of the body and mind.
Grounding the stress and anxiety from the body and mind to increase the ability to sleep more or less based on the individual’s goals.
Restore vitality; improve the endocrine system, and improve general organ health with eastern bodywork treatments.

How do I do it?

I have had the fortune to learn from two master teachers. A great base for healing and learning about energy was taught from Sifu Tommy via a static Chi Kung practice.

Mr. Forest healed and taught me how to heal by increasing the all-natural gifts I have and this has afforded me a wide range of abilities to provide others with possibilities. I continue to master myself, which is ongoing, in day-to-day practices.

By working with tools I apply daily, I am prepared to assist others who desire a high quality of life.

Examples of what I do;
Live in a state of meditation as often as possible through repeated practice. Through practice, application, and understanding, my tools, and clarity are present to share with others.

Cultivate energy daily by opening the mind-body connection with Chi Kung, breathing, exercises, and stretching practices.

Use the application of eastern medicine and neuromuscular sports injury massage-bodywork to align my body and keep it open.

Lisa and How We Met

The best part about Matthew Ancira is his wife.  Introduced by a mutual friend at Audubon Yoga in New Orleans, Lisa began sitting in Matthew Ancira’s early morning meditation class.

This introduction began a merged path of healing that led to Chi Kung, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Tui na, and meeting our teacher who would teach the real Eastern healing.

Years later, we took trips around the U.S. and to Brazil to explore additional alternative healing modalities and plant medicines.

During our time together, one thing became clear; we were to help the world in conscious awakening, enter into romance, and start a family.

About Matthew Ancira

Why I became a Bodyworker, a Louisiana Traiteur.

Plainly as a result of seeking from sixteen years old on how to grow, heal, and get relief.

The best decision I made on my journey of healing myself was to remain open-minded and patient, it took a long time.

Living with discomfort, pain, and a body that doesn’t work correctly is a common problem that I have experienced. Experience is hard-earned when it comes to understanding health through the school of hard knocks, injuries, and trauma that for me lasted into my mid-thirties.

In my imperfect life, I experienced extensive damage to my mind and body. Each of these injuries was healed over time from eastern healing methodologies mixed with neuromuscular sports injury massage.

Injuries I have recovered and healed from include; frozen shoulder, clavicle out of place, multiple discs out in the cervical and lumbar spine, hyper-mobile thoracic discs, nerve pain from head to toe (various branches of the trigeminal nerve activated on both hemispheres), broken toes, knee pain, wrist and elbows out of place, torn muscles in the chest, circulation problems, thyroid and prostate problems, balance issues, hip out of place by three inches, one leg shorter than the other, torn Achilles, fallen arches, night sweats, crazy dreams, and two mini-strokes.

I had lived around the world in and out of countries for months and years at a time by my mid-thirties. In all the travels learning about cultures and healing arts, one thing remained constant, all people seek healing and self-understanding.

The reason I provide bodywork today is a byproduct of having my broken body and tormented mind restored to good health and function by the teacher, Mr. Forest. Once a week for over six years, I was treated, while being cultivated in energy. I learned how to help others heal in new ways using these ancient arts used to heal me.

Tremendous gratitude exists in me for each lesson and everything that has come my way, the good, bad, and the ugly. Broken down by life and I was built back together with love. I was taught to become a better man.

Removal of pain and experiencing relief is the desired result of any kind of treatment. This allows a person to relax. From relaxing it is safer to feel. To feel is to know. Relief has to be the most universally wanted outcome for any situation.

I get the best results when clients put forth the desire and intention for healing and excellent results when clients take action toward their required work.

I share gifts in alignment with universal law, that of love. We can laugh and learn together as you get the relief that is in fact possible. Peace.