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About Matthew Ancira
Why Healing?

From Entrepreneurship to Spiritual Healing, Matthew Ancira


Throughout my travels across continents and within the United States, I have amassed a wealth of life experiences. Starting my entrepreneurial journey at twenty-three, I have had the privilege of owning and operating various small businesses, leading a non-profit, venturing into the corporate realm, and laying the groundwork for international initiatives. These experiences have been more than just professional milestones; they have been spiritual journeys, each revealing its own set of spiritual insights and blessings.

The trajectory of my life took a pivotal turn when I decided to confront and resolve the health issues that emerged from my diverse experiences. This healing process was not solitary; it was nurtured by the wisdom of teachers who introduced me to ancient practices and philosophies. Through this transformative period, I was not only healed but also educated in the old ways of spiritual understanding and energy healing.

Now, my path has evolved into sharing this wealth of health knowledge, spiritual insight, and energetic healing with others. I offer guidance and healing opportunities, drawing from my learnings and experiences, to help others on their journey towards wellness and spiritual awakening.

What I Do?

Facilitating Holistic Healing: Comprehensive Well-being

My practice is dedicated to guiding individuals through a holistic healing process, encompassing mental, physical, and spiritual health. By channeling energy, I aim to provide relief, offering solutions to alleviate long-standing pains. Preventative strategies are integral to this approach, ensuring not only the resolution of acute conditions but also the fortification of overall health to deter future ailments.

We focus on enhancing the immune system, resolving traumas, and dissipating physical and emotional pain. This journey involves imparting healthier lifestyle practices, emphasizing the importance of balancing and energizing both body and mind.

Our methods include grounding techniques to alleviate stress and anxiety, thereby regulating sleep patterns according to individual needs. The ultimate goal is to rejuvenate vitality, optimize endocrine function, and improve organ health through the application of eastern bodywork therapies. This comprehensive approach ensures a return to wellness and an enhanced quality of life.

How is it done?

Matthew Ancira Nurtured by Mastery: Energy Healing and Self-Improvement

Fortunately in my educational journey, I have been profoundly influenced by two master teachers. Sifu Tommy laid the foundational stones of my healing journey, introducing me to the power of energy through the disciplined practice of static Chi Kung. This practice provided me with a solid base for understanding and developing internal energy pathways for healing.

Mr. Forest played a pivotal role in my development, healing me and enhancing my natural gifts. Under his guidance, I expanded my range of abilities, allowing me to offer a spectrum of possibilities to those seeking wellness. His teachings empowered me to not only heal but also to share this capacity with others. A life changing experience.

My commitment to mastering self-improvement is a continuous journey, enriched through daily practices that keep me aligned with my purpose. These practices equip me with the readiness to assist others in achieving a higher quality of life.

How I Foster Well-being:

Living Meditation: I strive to maintain a meditative state as much as possible, achieving this through consistent practice. This discipline ensures that I am always prepared to offer clarity and support to others.

Cultivating Energy: Each day, I engage in practices that enhance the mind-body connection, including Chi Kung, targeted breathing exercises, and stretching. These activities are crucial for energy cultivation and maintaining vitality.

Integrating Eastern Medicine: My approach includes the application of eastern medicine principles and neuromuscular sports injury massage-bodywork. These methods are instrumental in aligning my body and ensuring it remains receptive and fluid.

Through these practices and many others, I continue to refine my abilities and understanding, aiming to share the benefits of this holistic approach to health and well-being with others.

Lisa and How We Met

The Heart of Matthew Ancira: A Journey of Love and Healing

The most remarkable aspect of Matthew Ancira’s life is undoubtedly his wife, Lisa, whose introduction at Audubon Yoga in New Orleans marked the beginning of a profound journey together. Their meeting in Matthew’s early morning meditation class, thanks to a mutual friend, sparked a shared path of discovery and healing, delving into Chi Kung, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Tui na, and the teachings of a master in true Eastern healing practices.

Their journey didn’t stop there; it expanded across the United States and reached as far as Brazil, seeking out alternative healing modalities. This shared quest not only deepened their understanding and practice of healing but also solidified their purpose together.

It became evident that their union was destined for greater things – to aid in the conscious awakening of the world. Their partnership blossomed into romance and laid the foundation for starting a family, embodying a profound testament to love’s power in fostering growth, healing, and transformation.

Matthew Ancira Holistic Healer

Why I became a Bodyworker, a Louisiana Traiteur.

Self-Healing: A Testament to Perseverance

My quest for growth, healing, and relief began earnestly at sixteen, and the most significant decision I made was to embrace open-mindedness and patience—a virtue that proved essential over the years.

Navigating through life with discomfort, pain, and physical limitations became a familiar challenge. Gaining insight into health and wellness often felt like a trial by fire, a journey marked by the school of hard knocks, injuries, and trauma that persisted into my mid-thirties.

Amidst the imperfections of life, I sustained considerable damage both mentally and physically. Yet, it was through a blend of eastern healing practices, Plant medicine, Chi Kung, and neuromuscular massage that I found restoration and healing, namely due to two teachers and grandmother. This journey was not swift but a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of holistic healing methodologies. I never gave up.

From Recovery to Enlightenment

My journey of healing has been extensive and transformative, encompassing a wide range of injuries and health issues. From a frozen shoulder, misaligned clavicle, and displaced discs in my cervical and lumbar spine to nerve pain, circulation and thyroid issues, and even two mini-strokes, my body has endured and, more importantly, overcome significant challenges.

By my mid-thirties, my travels around the world had introduced me to diverse cultures and healing practices, highlighting a universal truth: the intrinsic human quest for healing and self-discovery. It was during these travels that I learned the profound impact of holistic healing.

My commitment to bodywork today stems from my own experiences of rehabilitation and mental solace, thanks to Mr. Forest. His guidance and treatments over a decade not only restored my physical and mental well-being but also imparted the wisdom of ancient healing eastern holistic arts. This education has enabled me to assist others on their healing journeys, leveraging the same practices that were instrumental in my recovery.

I am deeply grateful for every lesson learned, for the trials and tribulations that have shaped me. Life’s challenges broke me down, but through love, I was rebuilt, emerging a better man. The essence of healing, I’ve learned, is the removal of pain and the relief it brings, allowing for relaxation, feeling, and ultimately, understanding. Relief, in its many forms, is a universal desire, and achieving it is a testament to the healing process.

My approach yields the best outcomes when clients actively desire and engage in their healing journey, embracing both the intention and the necessary actions for recovery. My practice is founded on the principles of universal law and love, offering not just relief but also an opportunity for learning and laughter along the way. Together, we navigate the path to relief and peace, proving that healing, in its truest sense, is indeed possible. I am living proof.