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Additional Support

Matthew Ancira

Additional Areas of Support Associated with our Wellness Center and Community.

What you put in your body is your therapy. Food is medicine. Dietary needs change based on the events in your life.

Each person is a walking file cabinet of experiences. All things have to be processed from food to life experiences.

Body awareness is the most basic of natural therapies. For that reason, structural alignment, body mechanics, good posture, and performing exercises correctly are crucial for the freedom of the body.

Knowing which stretches and exercises to perform for a specific lifestyle is critical. Almost 80% of injuries come from not stretching or incorrectly stretching.

Martial arts practice is a natural therapy and a great way to build discipline, balance, and inner peace.

You are the spirit, and your energy is the extension. The path to discovery can be laid out for you or discovered by you.

Entering the adult world can be overwhelming. Expanding mentally gives you direction. However, the work is up to you.

Everyone has something unique to contribute. If you wish for sound instruction and require support, we are here to help.

Alternative healing says the mind is the commander of the body. Therefore, you must train the mind with tools to heal the body.

The systems of energy in the body must be active; the mind and body can work synergistically and maintain optimal health.