Angel Wings for the little ones and the mother's who bring them

Who Keeps Their Angel’s Wings?

A song for the children of the earth and the mothers who bring them. Bless You.

With An Angelic Flap They Are Off In The World.

In the cradle of innocence, a baby lies,
With angel wings unfurled, under starry skies.
See them flutter, feel the delight,
A symbol of freedom, pure and bright.

Soaring high, they enter with all knowledge
Open to a universe of possibilities.
Illuminate the soul, let freedom unfold,
A journey of love, more precious than gold.

A baby is an angel with wings,
Visible to all, as their freedom sings.
Smile at the joy, let your heart embrace,
In the dance of life, they find their grace.

Open the God gland, the pine cone divine,
Access the depths, let your spirit shine.
Free and unbound, desire to expand,
A symphony of souls, across the land.

Absolutely free, the yearning to be,
Return to the one, our origin, you see.
Home is where the heart finds its way,
In the arms of love, forever to stay.

Sing from the soul, let the melody flow,
Notes of beauty in a rhythm that grows.
Share your song, let the world hold,
Candles and lanterns, stories be told.

Shamanista of the earth, life’s healer,
Love and gratitude, our eternal feeler.
Growing in spirit, with love, let us soar,
Butterfly baby expanded and free, dance through life,
As you believe and see.

Aho – Madre Grande de Amor!

Angel Wings Opened