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Anger hurts everyone

Anger and Its Impact on Longevity

“How Anger Diminishes Lifespan: Understanding Its Detrimental Effects”

Unresolved anger acts as a stealthy adversary to health, quietly undermining longevity by affecting the body in subtle yet profound ways. This concealed turmoil can manifest physically, impacting organs such as the liver and dispersing pain across the body, often unrecognized by those it afflicts.

The liver takes the hit however this feeling is not registered by the average person and instead the pain is distributed to other areas of the body as a pain sensation.  

Possibly mild to severe discomfort.  And in other cases the mobility of the body is restricted. Headaches that come and go are common.  

Advice from the elderly.

My grandmother who passed at 101, over a century old, when asked what is the one thing to know and do in life from all of your experience?  Amo would say, never get angry. 

A young client of mine recently asked me, “How would you suggest I get over the pent up anger in my body that’s been caused by my being mistreated by others my whole life?”

Anger was something I had to contend with in my past also.  And I now know that anger can surface regularly in a subconscious way when it is stored and unresolved.  

Anger can be stored in the body.  Consciously a person can appear happy and no one could know if life is good.  However when a person gets triggered by something, the body lets the mouth know that anger was in there and it comes out.  Anger is stored there waiting to jump out.   

Most folks walk around pissed and not even aware this is the case. It is enough to handle the mouth of another in anger let alone the violence that could follow.  

Confusion comes from the emotional state of anger

Some people are not in touch with any emotion in some cases to register their emotions to know what they are or aren’t because they cannot feel.  And this is often the case for people who have experienced trauma.  They are surviving.  

And in some cases a gentle intervention from someone who knows how to get help or who can help is necessary to shift.  To identify that things are not exactly well and we should take a look at our actions is the act of love to help another.  

I say often all men have anger that they have, inherited, or have experienced.  Likely because I am a man and speak to other men on the topic of anger.  However women are no different.  We all have to navigate anger whether we have it or are interacting with another who is angry. This is life. 

The build up of anger is not going to magically solve itself. And the pattern of mistreatment, be it from this lifetime or another lifetime needs to be addressed, reworked, released, and then replaced in order that the energy shifts permanently. 

Anger at the Self 

This area is the most dismissed as a possibility and the true root of holding onto anger.  Forgiveness is paramount for the self healing process.  

The rule of thumb is if you can control it go for it and if you cannot go with it until you can.  So to go with anger you have to give it direction.  Provide an outlet that does not harm you or another person.  

Other Angry People 

When we are angry we can invite anger from others without realizing it and we can be pushed away by others who see us as angry.  Relationships are challenging and sometimes we attract angry people and it fuels the fire making it more difficult to realize anger is leading in the mind which then translates in actions.

In most cases the angry one is projecting. If their stress is so high and the person can take no more, anger may be the way they protect themselves or project themselves. 

However, this is not necessarily the only reason people express anger toward us. We have seen it in our lives where miscommunication leads to anger.  

Fundamentally anger comes from communication issues, boundary issues, or from listening issues or misunderstandings.  At the core needs are not being met. 

Solving Anger

You have to find a way to let some steam out.  Anger building up is a time bomb.

Let some steam out before you lose it

Mastering the self is a lifelong process where anger becomes the last option.  In some cases it can also serve a purpose.  And in reality as humans sometimes when pushed too far, anger will surface.  

Measuring how long a person stays angry is a great way to measure how much control the person has over themselves. Whether the circumstances are mild or severe the timeframe in an angry state is still the measurement.  In the best case scenario when the anger surfaces the controlled evolved person will shift into solution mode.  

Finding a solution to anger is the point of realizing there is a problem with anger.  Therefore first one must realize the source of anger is inside independent of outside circumstances. 

Bad habits can be dropped like a hot rock, done immediately however good habits take time to build.  Anger is a bad habit.  

Anger regarding things, events, people and the self.

Things happen everyday that can entice a reaction from us. In traffic, at home, or in our mind where we make up things based on past traumas. The first step when starting to get angry is to realize you are reacting. 

And understanding where you are in the interaction in real time allows you to choose observation vs. anger coming out of you as an auto-response.  This is a first step of self observation, control, and seeing what may or may not be happening around you. 

Given the choice, anger can be replaced with understanding for the other person.  If you can be centered enough to see what is in front of you and realize the person is angry and it has nothing to do with you, attempting to understand what is going on or asking them to get clarity helps you stay calm. 

You can allow yourself to feel sadness in place of anger as a release mechanism.  The last option when you cannot walk away for release or to be released is to express anger.  The key is not to hold onto that anger.   

Anger is a tool and can be used as fuel.  It can be motivating.  If you work hard and lose a race or some competition and you get angry, that anger can fuel the ability to work smarter, harder, and find where you need to up your game.  

What we do not want to do with anger is be outwardly violent or destructive.  We want to recognize that although the past may have been hard or people may have been cruel, that this life is yours, not theirs.  

Staying angry gives your power away.  Pick a goal, start a hobby, focus on productivity in an area of your life that can empower you. 


Use the pent up anger to create.  Be it yourself internally or externally.  Build something you can be proud of.  Volunteer and hear others point of view in life, especially elders.  There is a lot to learn from their wisdom.

Everyone has something to offer and so do you.  Being angry keeps you from manifesting something.  Blaming and staying a victim will never elevate you to the place you deserve to be.  Being humble, learning, and being helpful will let the universe know you are ready for the next chapter of your life.  

Being angry will anchor you to the place you are now.  Forgive thyself, feel the reality and absorb the feelings that translate into endless energy.  And be kind to yourself and others for they who are angry do not know what they do for they are not allowing themselves to feel and be real.  

Being real comes with being vulnerable and this has its own hidden treasures.  

Remember when bad things happen to you or challenges appear it is warming the steel to be forged, shaped and cleansed of the pieces inside that do not serve you.  However it is you who has to let them go.  

All the mistakes, all the errors, all the frustrations, let them go and begin again.  Life is about solving problems and moving on.  Not holding the past up to be kept timeless or to keep people hostage for that is the chaos of an unsettled mind.  

Learn from the mistakes and the treatment of others and choose your company wisely.  If you have no choice or it is a family dependence for the time being then be kind, be helpful, and look for ways to elevate yourself for future independence while you navigate the loved ones around you. Even if you do not yet understand them, in time you will understand yourself and they will also appear differently.  

Circumstances change, as the tide rises so it will fall.  People are the same.  And for this reason stay humble and ask lots of questions. 

Get over it by going into it.  Inside you will wrestle and fall, cry and laugh and learn that all you need is already there in your heart waiting to be opened and understood.  

To be angry is to close.  Anger blinds.  The ego is protected and inflated in anger.  The victim is leading the charge.  We are all victims of circumstance yet we need not stay stuck.  Open like a newborn animal leaving its shell and let anger fall away. 

Meditation Therapy to solve anger

And see yourself sitting in a room (in your mind) and invite each person with whom you have anger.  If you do not have a person you have any anger with then you can imagine yourself in front of you.  

One at a time get up and walk over to them both of you standing and give them a hug.  Or imagine getting up and seeing yourself and giving yourself a hug.  This person cannot speak and will not do anything but mimic what you do and in this case they will give a hug in return.  Allow them and feel.  Feel that the ways of the past are not in this moment.  Feel the difference and let the past melt as you afford yourself the simulation of something new. Give them what you wanted to receive.  

The body does not know if the reality is because of the body or because of the mind.  The mind creates the sensations of the body.  Therefore use your mind to release your body.  And do it with love.  

The process can be short or long as you wish, however persist.  You are capable of this thing called love and the creation of a life you wish for.  You will see.