A Song for my Baby

To the children of the earth and the mothers who bring them.

A song for the feminine strength to support and honor them.


Title: A Baby Has Angel Wings. 

A baby we know has angel wings; you can see them, and smile, as freedom reigns

Being High on life is not just a sang

We have so much Inside of us to brighten our way

To feel more …of ….our… soul – Feel free till were old – To do what is right and not just what we’re told

Opening our God gland – Our pine cones – accessing more …that is the point

Yes, my friends, absolutely free  – I desire for the expansion of we

To return to the one, to our origin

We all must find – that home, that home once again

Thank you for you, love, and thank you for we

A baby has angel wings

Sing from your soul now so we can all see

Sing live love – and sing till were free

Your light is so bright it helps us to be

Eyes closed we visit the palace of love…the infinite home inside of us

I hope you know, you are the song, child,  so open your notes your beauty flow

Share what you will – so the world can hold

Candles and lanterns lit bright in their homes

The home you provide when you sing us this song.

Shamanista – our earth – healer of all, you are the life-giver that births us and moves us along.

Give us love, give us life, give us freedom – that’s right

Take what we don’t need keeping us all up at night

Hold us close, hold onto our hands, and give us big hugs

Thank you, sweet mother, for all of your love

Fillllll us with grace and teach us good ways

You give us energy and make us feel high

Being high on life is not just a sang

With love, let us grow, let us all grow wings.

A baby we know has angel wings; you can see them, and smile, for freedom reigns

A baby we know has angel wings, can you see them and smile, and let …..freedom ….reign?

Yes, we can!

Aho Madre Grande de Amor!

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