Being the Conduit for Healing is an honorable position of service.
Conduit for Healing

Can you Be the Conduit For Healing?

Are you being a conduit for healing?

In healing language, the word conduit means to channel energy to allow movement and change. The word conduit is a noun that means a channel for conveying water or other fluid. In Latin, it means to bring together.

Being a reliable conduit is one way to help others. The art of healing sheds light on those who are by the presence alone powerful enough to be a conduit for healing and change.

Some of these conduits for healing were Buddha, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Jesus, and many others.

My wish and hope is that all who possess these internal abilities wake up simultaneously and share their gifts with the world. 

As a conduit with presence and with the use of touch channeling energy to remove blocks, the connection between two people happens. Contact occurs every day and all the time. You do it and may not even realize it. 

The next level of healing is to self generate energy to provide life force, a Jedi type energy. 

Good Communication: Being the conduit for healing.

A powerful and useful way to be a fantastic conduit that all people can learn to be is by listening. We each have stories to tell, and we all want someone to hear. To look vaguely may not be enough, but it is where we must learn the language of understanding that makes the difference.

The diplomat or person that is the glue in a group is usually a conduit. They communicate all the messages from individuals in a way that can be heard by each person individually. An essential part of socialization is as you know, communication.

Sadly communication breakdown leads many relationships into challenges, stalemates, or ending altogether.
Below the surface so much is communicated that requires awareness; it is no wonder in the modern day with what is said on the surface between people ever goes beyond cordial.

Speaking Your Truth: Being the conduit for healing. 

Being a conduit for healing to better change the world.

I love those who say it how it is; it is a breath of fresh air. I am from New Orleans, born and bred. We come from stock that has been here since before the civil war. We have a certain culture the world loves which is why everyone comes here and many stay to live, we also say is it like it is.

Who let the dogs out…yeah you let them out they are going to run around like they are supposed to and investigate the world. Dogs are conduits for healing.  They like cats ground energy from their owners, they help you settle what is not yet settled, which is why they provide a type of deep therapy.  However the job of being a conduit for healing is still up to you no matter what or who you have in your corner helping. 

If you don’t cultivate through investigation, you stay locked inside. And this hurts. And you want someone to hear about your hurt so you can validate that you are not crazy.

Some people are in so much pain they either can’t communicate or jumble their communication, and it ends up misconstrued or misinterpreted. Pain breaks down relationships and communication. The strain represents a breaking away from the person’s truth.

The challenge is that pain takes up bandwidth in the brain. How present can one be when in pain, do you hear everything that is communicated?  Not likely.  

Being a considerate conduit means seeing the person’s pain and softly leading them to see it also. No matter how long they need to be alone, staying with the person long enough so, they can return to standing in their truth.

Consistency: Being the conduit for healing.

A conduit or diplomat take an approach to help people function at a higher level. That conduit can provide knowledge, safety, food, healing energy, financial support, a boost in morale, direction, stability, a roof, an eastern healing massage and above all, is consistent.

The reason consistency is key to being an excellent conduit is that trust becomes established over time. What is more valuable than being able to trust yourself? After that, it is all downhill.

Kids need to know the routine and the same faces for safety and recognition of self from caretakers. We are creatures of habit. And we have a habit of trusting what remains consistent and treats us well.

Holes in Your Game

Imagine that you, as a conduit for healing and for example’s sake, are a pipe that has holes. Even though the energy or water would arrive eventually, the water pressure would be relatively low and would result in higher bills or pain than necessary. Having holes is not an ideal situation.

Now take a minute and evaluate yourself as a self-caring conduit that supports all aspects of your life? Do you want to be a good support system, a channel that is solid? Where are your holes?

The body is the conduit. You are it. And you came into life solid; however, life happened and created holes. The holes are in the thinking first and the body pays the bills.

Where are you consistent in your life taking care of the things that make you stronger, healthier, and happier? And where and why do holes appear from time to time?

People can be like the holes in a pipe when they are not consistent. Do you have a friend that shows up when they need something to fill their gaps, however, is not always consistent in their presence in your life?

When someone is seeking a change; it is essential to be a robust, consistent conduit. The person usually is in the process of letting go of something that is preventing or delaying a needed shift in their life. The conduit cannot leak out any information shared and must listen intently to hear what is going on on a deeper level.

We are all and can all work to be conduits for others. That is how you can help others make the jump to hyperspace. How could you help them to make the inevitable change?

Solid Support


People change as quickly as they have safe support, consistent presence of love, and the understanding that the conduit for healing will hold together when things get tough. Being in the presence of someone who is grounded and a reliable channel yields an opportunity for change. Being around someone stable makes us feel more substantial. We mirror their chance to be more.

When you build a house in the woods and find a solid boulder dug into the earth, this makes a natural wall. Protection from the weather. People who are easily swayed by the circumstances of life are not a solid boulder from where you can rest behind or beside. They are not grounded.

A conduit for healing must be grounded to offer the global support a person requires to move past challenges.

Awareness is needed to hear in conversation, see in actions, and feel in energy the person’s communication holistically. A global and holistic review of the individual are synonyms in this case.

We All Have A Story

From a shamanic perspective, we are a circle of experience. Persisting into the future and wrapping around to meet the past, we are leading into this moment. For the modern understanding of being a reliable conduit for healing, it means seeing all the parts and pieces of the person presenting layered obstacles and conditions. It can take time and experience to look at globally.

Eye contact, moving your energy forward into the space of the person, and the expansion of empathy all offer a person the chance for their story to be heard. Sometimes people tell the same story a thousand times because they may feel as though no one took the time to truly listen and hear what they had to share.

Within the words of the story are patterns. There are actions of body and intonation in strings of words that indicated more. The way their energy opens and closes while communicating are clues as are the body language, tone, cadence, and their presence being shared.

The installation of clues provides data. Mostly in actions yet subliminally in words. The variety of conduits for healing out there are like the levels of awareness a person can obtain through experience.

The being a conduit for healing is as reliable as the work that was done over time to create and refine his or her’s ability for strong conductivity. For the person to plug holes, repair, and self-grow, is critical.  The review of events in life that shaped and formed the conduit is necessary — the journey to understanding the self.

Growing the mind to be a conduit for healing.

Being a conduit for healing in colorado

The growing never stops. The actions of the body are, “tells,” for the inconsistencies of the mind. The back and forth communication is profound. The various healing modalities offer clues and guidance to understand how you, as a human, can improve.

The body is the conduit for healing, and the mind is what opens or closes the holes. The intention in mind is a deep subject because the body is designed to keep you alive and to heal always. So why does the body break down?

How you think or have the absence of critical thinking will eventually affect your body. If you decide you are going to be ill because of x,y, or z reason you are promoting the illness you may have never had.

When your attitude is that you are healthy and think in a manner that promotes your wellbeing, your immune system will respond accordingly.

This however does not preclude real life injuries, accidents, traumas, however the principle is the same as it applies to the recovery.   

The body is always listening. Designed as a survival suit, the body is your best friend; it cannot lie to you. Although easily damaged, the body can repair much faster with a healthy mind. And the help of those who have become conduits for healing

Faith Is An Attitude

My grandfather told me when I was young; faith is a gift that not everyone receives. I did not understand this right away; however, today I do. My translation of this wisdom is, having the right attitude is not something everyone possesses.

It is all about the correct attitude. It is mind over matter. Yoda knows what he is talking about with moving stones with his mind. The approach itself is a conduit to change. Being a conduit for healing. 

The mind is active always. In meditation, the activity of the brain slows, and neural pathways made for higher functioning. More efficiency is available through this form of cultivation.

Attitude and the endless information the mind receives have something to do with each other.

We, as people are constantly receiving information. Think about this. How much input each minute, much less for the whole day or week, are you exposed to?

Processing Life

You cannot digest all of it because it is too much for your brain to process. It is not consistent, and it is a mix of many subjects, topics, and areas of life. You take in what is the most relevant and supposedly discard the rest.

However, you’re subconscious brain records all information. You have logged into your body and instinctual self. That means you are accumulating information (not knowledge) that is not processed.

What happens to this unprocessed information? Information becomes stored in your cells and in some cases, your organs. You are, after all, as am I, an organism.

The definition of an organism is, the material structure of a single life form or a whole with interdependent parts likened to a living being. How would you balance in a review of the elements not processed to those which are processed?

Another way to ask this is how many people take on the self in determining or questioning why they do and say the things they say and do? Versus just going on living mindlessly into their desires, goals, and addictions. The answer is not as important as what will you do?

The world is evolving, and people have access to information, and most people want to grow. Therefore there will always be people to support.

To be of assistance, first, support the self in becoming a suitable conduit.

With time your cultivation will be able to hold enough water so that you can help others. You will be helping others to sift through their sediment without taking it on. Grounding the residue with your presence and allowing this individual to make it on through to the other side.

They get to release the old experiences by flowing their story through you.

My Vision

Love to heal

Life is meant to be understood. To understand the needs of another is to understand the self. When one can understand oneself, the necessities of thy neighbor will be clear.

We are all brothers and sisters in ways that are close and distant, and everyone is undoubtedly trying to make sense of life. It makes more sense to look inward rather than blame outward. It also makes sense to stand in the light of truth, and this is not always silent. However, peace is our aim.

May clear vision be bestowed upon those who journey into the self-understanding, who seek and desire healthy connection. These people are working to be conduits for healing by grounding into the earth and opening up to the heavens. To be blessed is to be the strong conduit from which the father and the mother may meet to celebrate the child and from here the people shall know love, life, and continuum.

With great respect, I write to promote our collective home, our minds, bodies, and consciousness. Our vessel, with which can transport us everywhere with the use of our mind. May it become known to those who will use it wisely.

I encourage everyone to do your best to be the conduit for healing for yourself first and God willing for others who seek your help. 

I choose to be a conduit for healing for all souls seeking help with intent to do no harm and to positively grow the collective consciousness, protect our children, and support families and those seeking to be part of a bigger family for good.  I am Matthew Ancira, a conduit for healing.