The Body is for action when functional and the house safe when stable.

Your home is your body

House to maintain and a body to cultivate. 

Self-care and health education will keep your clock ticking.

Fill your mind with the knowledge so your body can thrive.

“I was offered pills, and they wanted to cut me right away.” A client made this statement, and it was not the first time a client had said this.

As a flesh-living organism, aka human, you have specific requirements to maintain your health and ability to live. In short, these include food, water, air, sleep, awareness, and love.

Building a house to shelter your body is the same thing. 

The mind is vital to cultivate; however, if the body is not built and maintained, the mind cannot act. A roof will have holes after storms and with high winds. Maintenance and repairs are inevitable.  

Pains come and go all of the time in a body. Eventually, however, there appears a hole in the armor that keeps the body safe from harm. So here to maintenance and repairs are inevitable. 

We house those we love and maintain our relations with them to stay in contact. Loving includes you taking care of yourself, which happens readily or reluctantly. Taking care of your internal shelter or body is a form of self-love. 

People tend to focus on the external and live under some housing to comfort and general safety.

In the case of a home owner’s state of shelter, a house eventually requires a new paint job after ten plus years. Again, the house’s integrity to be safe from termites, rot, or other maintenance is necessary. 

When seeking the right company to sand, prepare, and paint your house, getting more than one bid is wise. Receiving up to five proposals provides a general understanding of the process and a spectrum of prices that may range significantly.

The time it takes to receive five bids is the cost of learning about what is involved. Time well spent is the difference between painting your home correctly one time or going back and fixing mistakes and sometimes re-due the job altogether.

Not painting on time will lead to new problems. 


Maintenance works

What is time? What is your health? They are interlinked. 

Your car will not run indefinitely without gas or maintenance, any more than your house will remain intact without an occasional quality paint job or other repairs.

The house represents your body. You live in your body 100% of the time (most of you), and therefore you are subject to how it functions. 

People who have developed high awareness tend to enjoy many activities in life. On the other hand, people with insufficient knowledge and who do not take action proactively tend to create limitations from lack of maintenance or misuse. Either way, the conditions and requirements for what to do when problems arise are the same.

Where there is an internal problem such as frozen shoulder, hip problems, liver issues, or other things related to the mind and body, it is your responsibility to educate yourself (increase your awareness) and learn how to fix it.

The answer is not always clear when you limit yourself to one set of options. The main problem in society is that the standard option does not involve and include doing your research, education, and review of natural ways to correct the issue. 

It is not their fault as this is not common or, as of now, welcome in the United States. However, each person facing challenges can take the time to learn how the body works, anatomy, and health concerns before speaking with a professional.  

It is a high-risk factor for your house, your natural home (body), to accept the first bid. However, there are answers in China, Japan, and other world areas that work and have worked for hundreds of years. 

Both medically and holistically, seeking different practitioners, healers, or service providers may be required before you accurately solve your concerns. Becoming aware through experience is of high value and increases your ability to solve problems.

When the stakes are high, you are encouraged to seek and not settle on just one thing, person, or service. However, when you attempt to solve your problems and have done enough to understand the range of bids and information involved to make an educated decision, you’re better off.

At birth, the body came healthy and intact for most people. Any damage came later. The goal of healing and health service is to return the body to good health and function. 

Choosing a contractor to solve your pains and problems will yield one of only three results. Improvement or solution altogether. The issues are the same, no changes. Or it gets worse as a result.  

Being self-educated beforehand or during the process will help you realize that only the first two options are acceptable. Your body is not an experiment. Unless you like torture or punishment, the last option should be the last time you go in that direction.  

The house crumbles when you wait.

Waiting until the stakes are high is when panic and fear drive you to take immediate action with only one bid, which can increase risk. However, it is ideal for getting a second or third option and opinion.

Involve people you trust to research and help when you are stressed and overwhelmed. Take in all the perspectives you can get from both within and outside the traditional system. 

The best perspective may come from those who have already been through what you are facing. Online forums for most everything exists. Research and reach out.  

Seek routine maintenance and relief to avoid the buildup and overload from life’s stress that we all face.

The preventative process is essential and possible. So may your house withstand the storms of time until it is your time. And until then, may your body be healthy and functional to enjoy your life.