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Conscious Relationships

Female clients seeking healthy relationships ask me, where are all the conscious men?

I can’t say I have this answer; however, I can speak to what I feel this means concerning conscious relationships. 

Conscious relationships are the heartbeat of our future.

More quality people desire a real relationship that I meet in my work than are people who do not care. Funny, heart-first, beautiful, good-looking, thoughtful, and dynamic people are looking for someone to grow with and live life.  

It is incredible how many of these people are single and do not seem to be finding what they want or desire. But, equally, it is interesting how many are in complicated relationships, disrespectful relationships, and dysfunctional relationships.  

The most challenging thing in life is the relationship you have with your life partner because all of life’s issues get placed in the same bag and mixed up with the other person’s issues—most cases of which neither of you has reviewed.  

Personal issues, parents’ issues, each past relationship of all kinds are all combined to make a haze of reality. That sounds fun. Now, this does not happen all at once, of course.  These are more gradual; stressful times happen, and someone sticks their hand in the bag and pulls out an issue. A kid or parent has a problem, and an issue emerges. So on and so forth, it is involved.  

First, any person seeking a long-term healthy relationship requires balancing all the areas of oneself, including taking residence in one’s mind, having self-control, and practicing self-respect.

Conscious relationships

If either partner is not taking care of themselves, it is hard to cultivate a long-term balanced relationship. Learning lessons in relationships upgrades and shifts you into higher states of awareness. 

We often need a partner to mirror with to learn faster. A relationship partner reflects how we are living our truth.

Men who find drive-in life become focused, and this can feed them. Without this drive, many get lost in lesser forms of consumption or self-destructive behavior.

The side of the ego that supports the beast requires taming, and this means looking at the emotional side of things we suppress and ignore. The big pink elephant for many men becomes anger.

Trauma is part of every person’s life, however small or intense. For example, when a woman is yelled at or confronted aggressively, this is trauma. Rough communication will harm her organs and systems of the body. 

Soft and slow communication as a means of touching the depths of her heart is more beneficial.

Men who desire a quality relationship with a woman would do well to understand the depth of how amazing women are. For women seeking a quality man to engage in a life partnership, avoiding emasculation is essential.  

Re-calibrating the love.

If you’re looking for the level of appreciation you felt for each other in the first few years of your relationship, the quality of your attention can help get you back there.

Women are open vessels that feel everything from heart energy. Women live through the heart and provide a special love that is generated only from a woman. They are life-givers and provide nurturing that is unparalleled. 

What they want is different from what a man wants. How they communicated is different. Their needs at a core level are not a man’s needs outside of the basic needs for food, shelter, safety, and community.

In the old ways of Indian tribes, the women elders would decide when to go to war. But, because the women would first focus their hearts on a resolution for peace, it was only a last resort when they decided to go to war.

Sometimes in relationships, couples must draw boundaries for everyone’s sake. For example, the Indian males returning from battle would sit outside the village on a perimeter for some time before returning to regulate themselves to not bring the energy of war into the sacred space of the women and children—a sign of respect.

A man on a path of self-evolution will love and respect himself and not invite or enable relations not based on truth. 

The man must first understand himself, the good and the bad, and be willing to grow and improve himself. Understanding himself brings patience, clarity, and consideration to see her clearly through the daily storms. 

Eventually, he will join her energy to make smooth winds and soft rain.

The fulfillment of quality relations is an endless depth that requires work. No connection is easy when put to the tests of life. We are human and not perfect. 

The past will rise to challenge the moment, and the unresolved parts for the individual will require acceptance and love to move forward.

A unique partnership is not static, grows through the mundane, and requires two conscious people to evolve together.

When a woman feels safe, needed, and loved, magic happens.

So, may the consciousness of men expand to include the importance of women as a super source of nurturing as we know it. 

Women, allow yourselves the opportunity to see a man through his journey into a commitment with patience, kindness, and support. 

May we grow collectively in a good direction. The world’s future is and has always been about family and conscious relationships.