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Eastern medicine

The East has been doing it for centuries, that is, healing their people.

Doctor Lisa and Matthew blend knowledge to provide medicine for the people. 

At the base of eastern medicine is chi or energy, a connection to the heavens and earth magnetism.

Eastern medicine practice techniques are paths to enlightenment. You can attain more knowledge and heal more by increasing your vibration.

There are several ways to advance your chi or energy.

Establishing the practices needed to generate the long-term cultivation of chi can be attained by a teacher and through some books.

The practitioner slowly builds their chi through personal practices and providing healing services.
Once cultivated to a certain degree, it can become a healing avenue for oneself and others.

Cultivating and applying the healing arts provides new knowledge for the client themselves as well as the practitioner.

Pure energy-chi healing techniques result from knowledge passed down to a cultivated chi practitioner from a higher-level teacher.

Contact our team if you want to learn more about the ultimate practices for a lifetime of longevity, self-exploration, balance, and cultivation.

The end goal is to learn how to flow your chi-energy and serve the world accordingly.

It takes time to increase the vibration in our life.

If you are willing, it is possible to create for yourself abundance, whereas time becomes less important.

To explore this option, visit Life Coaching and Relationship Services.

Chi is energy, and energy is life. Energy flow, aka “Chi flow coaching,” covers all areas of your life to create the maximum flow as you learn to cultivate and build your energy bank.

Higher Purpose Healing® Eastern Medicine Applications

Because eastern medicine needs a platform to perform healing,

Eastern Bodywork is the catalyst and framework we use. Eastern medicine blends into Eastern Bodywork via energy, releasing the tension, anger, stress, and pain from the mind and body.

Neuromuscular sports injury massage is the other framework—all three blend and bridge eastern and western modalities.

Eastern Medicine Modalities

Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Persian, and Indian modalities.

James S.
James S.
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I was referred to Matthew by a trusted friend who is a strong healer in the wellness space. She mentioned Matthew paved the way for her.

As an energy worker myself who works on people with various conditions and traumas my body takes quite a beating and I understand the importance of going to someone who is true and values you as an individual with integrity. I don’t allow just any practitioner to work on me unless they hold this and it speaks volumes that I even had a session with him. Matthew is truly a powerful and special individual who honors his work. He is a breaker of chains to allow more change to occur in your life. My session with Matthew was like an Ayahausca experience as he released blocks and stagnant energy from all the beating my body has taken. It allowed me to revisit again another emotional pain I was carrying within myself as he honestly pinpointed the things that were troubling me that I had to release in order to continue to do deeper and fundamental work with others as I was preparing to hold a ceremony in Louisiana. Matthew allowed me to regain strength once again to see things more clearly.

I am honored to be able to receive from Matthew and will continue to see him as he is a valued member of the community. He is exactly where he needs to be…in the heart of NOLA helping people to reach their higher purpose.

He knows his stuff and has worked with many through his years to come to his understanding after getting to connect with him.

As a practitioner who values honesty, integrity, and authenticity Matthew is the guy to see.

Thank you brother and continue sharing your gifts and responsibility to the world!

Haux Haux 🙏🏽
Healing Help

Massage and Bodywork

Massage and bodywork sessions using energy create prosperity inside that leads to deeper states of real being. In addition, Eastern medicine offers preventative and restorative care for children, adults, and the elderly.

You can achieve balance, relief, and peace with patience and persistence in healing with the help of our “massage and bodywork services.

Healing Modalities

Massage-bodywork sessions include some combination of the following; conscious and intuitive healing, healing-touch, kinesiology, acupressure, meridians of the body, chi, heaven, and earth energy, structural alignment, AMMA, vibrational techniques, reflexology, polarity, lymphatic drainage, craniosacral, meditation techniques, reiki, shamanism, Jin Shin Jyutsu, sound healing, and chakra healing.

Matthew Ancira Holistic Healer

I am a 5th-generation healer. There were four generations of medical doctors before I was born. My traiteur roots come from Houma, Louisiana.

Seeking from sixteen years old how to grow, heal, and get relief, life eventually carved out of me my design and the solutions that come with it.

The best decision I made on my journey of healing myself was to remain open-minded and patient, it took a long time.

Living with discomfort, pain, and a body that doesn’t work correctly is a common problem that I have experienced. Experience is hard-earned when it comes to understanding health through the school of hard knocks, injuries, and trauma that for me lasted into my mid-thirties.

In my imperfect life, I experienced extensive damage to my mind and body. Each of these injuries was healed over time from eastern healing methodologies mixed with neuromuscular sports injury massage.

Injuries I have recovered and healed from include; frozen shoulder, clavicle out of place, multiple discs out in the cervical and lumbar spine, hyper-mobile thoracic discs, nerve pain from head to toe (various branches of the trigeminal nerve activated on both hemispheres), broken toes, knee pain, wrist and elbows out of place, torn muscles in the chest, circulation problems, thyroid and prostate problems, balance issues, hip out of place by three inches, one leg shorter than the other, torn Achilles, fallen arches, night sweats, crazy dreams, and two mini-strokes.

I had lived around the world in and out of countries for months and years at a time by my mid-thirties. In all the travels learning about cultures and healing arts, one thing remained constant, all people seek healing and self-understanding.

The reason I provide bodywork today is a byproduct of having my broken body and tormented mind restored to good health and function by the teacher, Mr. Forest. Once a week for over six years, I was treated, while being cultivated in energy. I learned how to help others heal in new ways using these ancient arts used to heal me.

Tremendous gratitude exists in me for each lesson and everything that has come my way, the good, bad, and the ugly. Broken down by life and I was built back together with love. I was taught to become a better man.

Removal of pain and experiencing relief is the desired result of any kind of treatment. This allows a person to relax. From relaxing it is safer to feel. To feel is to know. Relief has to be the most universally wanted outcome for any situation.

I get the best results when clients put forth the desire and intention for healing and excellent results when clients take action toward their required work.

I share gifts in alignment with universal law, that of love. We can laugh and learn together as you get the relief that is in fact possible. Peace.