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Energy Work

Matthew Ancira

Energy Work

The energy work we provide helps people refuel, renew, and get into alignment with their natural flow.

We provide energy work for the human body like your car needs gas or electricity to run.

Energy is the currency of life we all have and use. Breathing, food, and exercise all provide us with energy.

Building energy is an art learned by those who want the best life possible. So how do you build energy?

A healthy, energetic mind and body yield life’s true freedoms.

Freedom requires an abundance of energy and flow from both the mind and actions generated from the body.

The use of one’s life determines the flow of energy.

The cultivating and generating of energy make one self-reliant.

The first requirement for meditation is to relax. To flow energy also requires the ability to relax.

All things are energy. 

Energy works and makes the world go around.  

Understanding or believing in energy can differ amongst people.  It takes mental strength and intention to affect change in the body using energy.  In the end, only results matter.  

These pure energy techniques come from the combination of static Chi Kung practice and Heaven and Earth techniques passed down from my teachers. I define a teacher as a cultivated, self-reliant power source. Understand energy; when born healthy, the brain and body naturally self-generate power.

As one gets older, energy or power takes more time to generate and develop. So the older one gets has more need for energy and strength.

The average person is hustling daily to provide for their family. However, this person may overlook that their energy wanes as they strain to make it all happen. Generally, most people are exhausted from being overworked, which leads to unwanted stress and anxiety. 

Long-term issues from stress or strain will create problems in the body and the brain. When the problems build, more severe issues in the brain and body such as not sleeping can result, and then arthritis may develop.

The natural response to pain over time is anger. Anger leaks reserve energy. 

The emotions of stress and anger expressed together long term can destroy the body and mind.

Stress slows down the mind and can lock up the body as this happens. Little by little, depression sets in, and eventually, organ issues persist.

Depression is related to energy centers not being open and aligned, affecting all parts and inner workings of the body. As a result, circulation is reduced and insufficient, and thus energy is not moving freely.

Flowing energy means flowing with life. Being in the flow means being in alignment with life. Alignment issues go way beyond the body being out of alignment. 

It all begins with the mind. The mind generates the energy.

Book a sessionand learn more about how energy can work for you. How  energy practices we provide can help you get into alignment. 

Build your energy today, so tomorrow you can feel a little more alive.