Father's Day is everyday. Stable & safe within where love can reside.

Father’s Day

Father’s Day can be every day.

Father’s day happens once a year and I think it is a mistake. A club in society exists that is only known with the gift of a child, enter fatherhood. After that, everything changes forever for the better. Then more understanding about life comes as time moves faster.

Understanding and meaning begin anew, and the path to realizing how challenging it was for that man’s father and mother to raise him begins. It does not have to be complicated; it just is filled with the responsibility that would never be known without such a chance at life, literally.  There is no time to stop and consider changes there is only the reality of what you brought to the table with your own evolution and growth as a man.

The role of the father is to become and maintain the leadership of self. To be stable, consistent, patient, and considerate. In turn to create leaders of children. You are reviewing what your father gave and what was not given by your father. Choosing the good and replacing the less than desirable traits and habits to upgrade the next generation is required for better parenting. 

Any man can create a child. However, it takes a strong man to raise that child to be confident, self-sufficient, and healthy. These three traits are the basics among thousands.  It requires review and constant change to find what works as each child is unique.  

When you all see great fathers, you know you can count on that man experiencing father’s day every day.  

The prerequisite for this reality to manifest is the father’s need to first himself journey past the ego’s control. To evolve, study, contemplate, stand for truth, arriving into self-mastery. A lifestyle choice and drive to become without motivation for material goods.  

By example alone, the child will learn to lead him or herself. The child copies and mimics, so it is plain to see who the adult is by way of the child him or herself.  

A Father in Society

In our culture, the amount of influence a male should have in rearing is debatable. Even so, with the reality of males today, one thing remains. The need for good male role models is necessary. In the old ways, the child would go with the father everywhere and see how he interacted to solve issues and make a living or help a neighbor.  

Where chivalry and safety from a good male prevails, children will see the mother, and family will fill the home with love.

Every child has one Father. 

However, children can grow up knowing many dads. The variety of influence can provide attributes from more loving to exceptional providers, psychologically sound dads, or those physically present. Dads can be teachers, neighbors, uncles, or other sources of exposure to excellent human potential.

The world’s children will know freedom as fathers learn to lead with love and respect for the mother and the children. These children can then continue the same to host happy, healthy families, something in need of return. 

To the children and men born into less than ideal circumstances, be blessed and be the flower that rises from the concrete. Self-made leaders can create change so that history can remain in history. And a new wave can rise.

To the men who drive the power for good, may loving support find you, and to you, a Happy Father’s Day to you, every day!