Healing Football Deion Sanders - The best part of success is helping
Deion is healing the buffs football team one day at a time.

Healing Football Deion Sanders

Healing Football: The Inspiring Journey of Deion Sanders

Healing in Football happening in Colorado

Healing football from the core, Deion Sanders’ impact is undeniable. From the NFL to college football, Deion’s contributions transcend the game, touching lives, and instilling positive change.

Deion Sanders is more than just a football legend; he’s a beacon of integrity and resilience in a rapidly changing world. His unwavering commitment to being a genuine, hardworking individual is uplifting. It’s not merely about personal success; Deion’s passion resonates with those around him, fostering a healing essence in football. He delivers excellence not only for himself, but for everyone around him.  

Deion Sanders: The Heart of Healing Football

Deion is hard working, a class act, and an amazing example of what the youth and all people can benefit from listening to and learning from in today’s world of athletics and work ethic.  He states the way it is and the way people think it is, may not match up.  How he does things prepares the youth for how they can handle reality.  

In high school I  played football for two years and growing up we played pick up ball in the park every weekend and went full tackle, five on five up to ten on ten.  Throwing and catching the ball for hours was loved every minute.  At a young age learning to catch the the ball at my grandfathers in a yard that seemed as big as a football field at the time and in reality I could walk across that yard today in less than fifty steps.  Every holiday with my cousins.  Football is the great american sport.  

Beyond the Game: Deion’s Contribution to Healing Football’s Spirit

In a world of imperfection I was blessed to hear Deion speak in person to a room full of business associates.  He got very personal and shared many aspects of life, career, family life, and obstacles he overcame.  His story is amazing and his decisions on how he operates were inspiring.  It was truly an honor to meet him.  

Buffs get healing in Football season

What I loved most in his story was Deion’s decision to refrain from using curse words in daily life. It might seem small, but it speaks volumes about his character. I would venture to say this is almost a dying art.  Self control, proper edict, and a standard higher than most can hold in just being kind.  In today’s sports environment, where competition is fierce and temptations loom large, Deion stands tall.  

It takes a lot of grit and hard work.  To reach the top, as in many sports, being able to gain a competitive edge helps one to stay relevant.  In the generalized world of sports, steroids are used by some.  Numbing agents, pharma prescribed, and testosterone shots etc. are common uses as a means to stay relevant.  There are injuries and pain and players do not always have the resources to solve going non stop and taking the beatings natural to the sport.   It is a wild west reach for achieving the best and all edge helps or so it seems.  So how could someone who used none of these things achieve such physical feats and keep an amazing attitude?  

For Deion it seems easy, he works hard and maintains the secret sauce of being real, genuine, and  believing in himself.  The football universe is not just about physical prowess. It’s about mindset, resilience, and an undying spirit. Deion Sanders exemplifies this. His journey from the NFL to coaching the Colorado Buffaloes highlights his mission to bring about healing in football. The transformation of the Buffaloes under his leadership is a testament to his undying passion.

Most people I meet in the process of learning have issues of self doubt or not feeling of value, and these types of mindsets for thinking are crippling and do not lend to greatness.  To achieve the heights there has to be hard work, yes.  For some they are naturally talented yet hard work is required.  There also has to be a mind set that sets you apart from the pack.  If no one shows up but you, you become it!  If all men doubt you and you make allowance for their doubting yet make it through, you become it! And if you work your butt off and rise to the occasion you get to be it.  The point is to show up, work through all doubts, and do the work!  

Having Deion Sanders as one of the ones in the world who rise to the top and don’t stop doing good, is a breath of fresh air. 

Personal growth and communal well-being are intertwined.  As a family man, it was motivational to hear the 60 minutes coverage of Deione in Colorado particularly because I had the experience to feel his energetic presence and hear his truth in person prior.  After that talk I felt like I knew him and just wanted to know more. Which made the interview even better. 

Healing Football from the Ground Up: Deion’s Impact

Both of Deion’s sons are thriving as Coach Deion Sanders is bringing healing to football as the “Prime Time” attitude for the Colorado Buffs.  Deion is taking the Colorado Buffaloes program and elevating the Pac-12 team to not only healing a past history of irrelevant football but to be the talk of college football everywhere. 

Here in the interview you can hear his confidence, his mindset and his acknowledgment to those who helped him arrive from his NFL days.  He is intense in his position because that is what it takes.   60 minutes Interview

Excitingly our daughter has been enrolled in Boulder Colorado for close to three years. Now she gets to benefit from all the amazing increased vibrations from what the team is creating through the leadership of Deoin Sanders. For this I am grateful.  

Our beautiful daughter Lily is a snowboarder that has grown in her ability and skill to do things I have not tried yet as a snowboarder.  Although I did insane backwoods, no trail, fast paced, death defying runs just for kicks, I have never attempted moguls.  Whereas when she began there was no way moguls were happening, however after just a couple of seasons she now sails through them.  How did she get to where she can accomplish this?

When she first started it was our Christmas vacation out there in Colorado and our first official family vacation as a blended family.  I went with her to the top of a harder run than she was ready for because I believed she could do it.   Two things I enjoyed about this experience was that we had a longer ride up the mountain on the lift and that she made it down safely.  Her route down was different than we thought it would be and we had some assistance however going to the top was pushing the limits and that set a standard.  

The Colorado Buffaloes: A New Chapter in Healing Football

There are many aspects of an athlete’s life that get overlooked.  One is a leader who can set a standard.  Two is the mindset of the individual that can allow themselves to grow and become more of what is possible.  As a matter of fact this goes for all humans.  

Another aspect to continuing something is maintaining a functional body as a way for both the thing pursued and the person to stay relevant.  If you can overcome pain and keep functioning, you are relevant.  Because when you cannot function, the things that used to matter to you become less relevant because you are not able to enjoy them.  Thus the mind and body being able to function together provide keys to the castle of success.  

Our world is changing faster than even my grandmother who is one hundred and one years old could have imagined.  This world is currently overwhelmed by what seems to be distraction, confusion, and misdirection.  

The generations like mine who had a head start on using their heads for their own thinking and went outside regularly to experience body movement and healthy function truly have a mental advantage. At a certain point we had a tv and vcr and it was limited.  Our now family does not have a tv in the house and I have not used one for sixteen years.  In all fairness we have a glorified tv in our pockets.  I remember when the CD player came out and one of the parents in our circles decided to buy one and all the kids came over to see it work lol.  I mean even ipods are a thing of the past and now spotify is relevant.  Tech nowadays is a high speed train.  

My wife and I discussed yesterday the idea of working out without music as a medium to focus and for the reality that whatever shape we are in when it is needed there may not be music playing.  Life is really our own movie we create with or without music.  We see a lot of different versions of life shown on the internet in our pocket, which is not to endorse social media as a reality mark.  Because it is not so more than often than it showcases reality.  However, our minds and small decisions can lead to a beautiful life and sharing inspiring parts and pieces on social media for others to know what is possible is a good thing.  I enjoy the vulnerable and real that gets shared.  We all benefit from being inspired and realizing we are not the only ones thinking, feeling, and desiring to be or do those things or going through those same things.  

Deion’s mental persistence equals great. 

For those who persist mentally to engage a positive attitude and to use their bodies to experience and feel, they will be more relevant because more of their mind will be open to growing.  Over time the hype, the fads, and all of the things not natural to being a good being will fade, at least this is my hope.  

“People like Deion who offer opportunities for the youth to heal, using football as the vehicle, is a blessing. “

When you bring healing to football you are bringing healing to the minds of all who are involved and associated.  This comes from who Deion has chosen to be and become and that path is not easy. However it is possible.  

Be positive like Deion Sanders and achieve healing in football or in life.

For whatever is happening in the world, healing is always a positive.  All of us need it.  And all the world benefits from the culture of hard work, self discipline, and standards that bring out the best in people.  Catering to an entitled mindset that has a victim role behind it is not the way to greatness, it is actually crippling the minds of the lost. The world is only as real as people are willing to be real.  

We must champion authenticity, celebrating those who genuinely make a positive impact. Deion thankfully is such a man with habits worth emulating and brings positive change where he is present.  More importantly he wishes to push others to be great.  He is respectful in his communications, keeps it real, and cares.  

Thank you to those who live a high standard and provide a space where truth is spoken and people can be offered a healthy reality. With tough love that only the depths of a soul can be awakened from may those who need it most be awakened for the sake of the whole.  Be great, do great, and keep it real.  

Go Buffs! 🏈 and thank you Mr. Sanders!