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A Health Journey
from Pain to Potential

Shared Pieces From My Health Journey​

A small bonus from my health journey awaits at the end of this story. Engaging in the activity I’ll share could be truly game-changing.”

My health journey has taught me so much. I know serve others who seek solutions because I know what it is like to be where you do not want to be anymore. Having moved on I share a finality from the obstacles leading up to the grand finale.  The last significant detriment to my health was having two mini-strokes in my mid-thirties.

In the past my pain has existed on all levels, from the soul, mental, emotional, energetic, and physical.  The good news is, today I am free and feel good!

From searching worldwide for answers, I’ve experienced three specific tools I have found brought me the furthest fastest.

Having answers is only part of the release from pain. The transformation from doing the work it takes to evolve from pain is the other side of the coin.

It’s easy to say just let it go.

We are complex, and in being so, we exist and survive because our subconscious design is to survive. However, the subconscious will also deny letting go because it thinks we are in danger.

Just because your conscience wants the change doesn’t mean your subconscious can make it happen. And the mind consciously needs to be trained to make it happen.

However, it can happen. It does happen. It has happened to me.

It takes a lot of effort and persistence to heal the body and mind long term. But, getting to a place that releases the pain is magnificent and worth all of the action.

Healing the mind and body is also accompanied by a lot of change in lifestyle on all levels. These changes can be challenging for many people comfortably and in their beliefs about themselves and life.

Health Journey

The Healing Journey, a lot to consider.


Eastern knowledge applied in healing diverges from conventional approaches by addressing the root causes of pain rather than merely alleviating symptoms, thereby preventing the emergence of additional issues. Understanding this perspective elucidates why pursuing alternative paths becomes compelling when traditional methods fail to resolve pain satisfactorily.


The three methods I previously discussed, which provided the most profound assistance among the various modalities I explored both within the United States and internationally with healers and practitioners of diverse backgrounds, all belonged to the realm of alternative therapies.

The first was plant medicine. The medicine in these plants was not the answer; however, it gave me many explanations, insights, and access to solutions.

It showed me the possibilities I would later have to work on diligently to achieve. It helped me unload massive amounts of past trauma. It grounded me and connected me closer to my soul. However, alone it was not enough.

The second practice I took on and practiced daily was Chi Kung. Static Chi Kung. Chi is energy, and Kung is cultivation.

Practicing Chi Kung provided me with a re-calibration of my nervous system. It also allowed me serenity and deep relaxation that accessed internal hormones.

Over time the feeling generated sensations better than drugs. It allowed me to access and get high on my supply, literally.

The third was eastern bodywork. Eastern knowledge came with stretches and breathing techniques that opened my mind and body little by little and enhanced my energy.

The bodywork itself being massive amounts of life force energy and hands on healing opened and over time cleared my traumas, energy blocks, misaligned bones, damaged tissues, released nerves, muscles, deep scar tissue, and so much more. It reconstituted my organs to return to health. My endocrine system started to work correctly. 

Patterning in the body, in the subconscious, is powerful. Therefore, the time it took to make changes from the wrong patterns was long and complex.  

My lifetime built up a list of obstacles inside of me. However, I can say the goal of Eastern bodywork is to unwind the damage in the body to return to a free state, something like returning the body to its youthful abilities.  I went through the fix it phase, maintenance phase, and now I am in the grow/upgrade phase.  

There is not much I have not tried on this healing journey. I am proud to be where I am today.  To the evolving and driven soul the work is never over. It is forever the aim to achieve good functional health, maintain it, and this requires work, awareness, and knowledge.  

The plant medicine was to assess possibility.  The Chi Kung is to develop the mind’s energy connection to open energy channels from the inside and access deep healing abilities. In my case too much damage existed for this to have worked in its entirety. Therefore the third tool of eastern bodywork healing is what brought me back to me and a new healthy state.  Eastern bodywork healing is for the body to the mind connection and vice versa. It is reverse engineering the internal damage to its original state or as close to it as possible.  This process comes with nutritional requirements and exercises that must be undertaken by the individual. 

Before I encountered these transformative tools meditation served as a foundational practice. It enabled me to navigate challenging situations with greater resilience and clarity, allowing me to function optimally even in adverse circumstances. Through meditation, I cultivated the ability to prepare for and adapt to the various paths I encountered in life. I am deeply grateful for this practice, as it has equipped me with invaluable tools for refining my thought processes and preparing for correct thinking patterns.

It’s essential to recognize that the human brain doesn’t come fully developed; it requires cultivation and training to reach its full potential. Meditation provides a structured framework for training the mind, honing its faculties, and enhancing cognitive function. By engaging in correct practice, we can harness the power of reason and refine our innate survival instincts into a more evolved and balanced state of being.

The fusion of Chi Kung practice and meditation has led to a significant transformation, instilling a deeper sense of patience within me. Not only has my demeanor become more serene, but my overall personality has also undergone a noticeable softening. Furthermore, my journey with Yee Chuen Do, a martial practice combining multiple styles yet emphasizes at the core mental discipline, has been invaluable as a way of life.  

Now you can see many things can create pain. For example, it is painful not to understand something.

Having guidance is helpful, and having a community to support you is motivating. Only you can decide what you’re willing to do, and if you are eager to leave pain for knowledge, I am here.

Matthew Ancira

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