A Healthy Immune System is the answer to fighting off what tries to kill you.

A Healthy Immune System Equals Power

Immune System

How can you strengthen your immune system with your mind, body, sleep, supplements, and nutrition? 

The mind-body connection thrives on deep REM sleep, the right supplements to balance what is missing in food today, and the medicine of life for good nutrition, healthy food. 

Why do people get sick when the immune system exists to keep them healthy?

Getting sick may have two meanings. One, your body needs to purge unwanted and harmful things, or your body is not in alignment and can’t fight off something that makes it sick.  

Immune System

What two things can help keep your immune system strong?

  1. Detoxing daily, as today’s environment is not conducive to healing. 
  2. Keeping the endocrine system functional, specifically a healthy thyroid, thymus, and spleen.  

Why do we need to detox at all? Well, the society of today and the society I grew up in are entirely different. Today people are super clean and spend more time indoors. There is concern over germs and other things. 

However, as the age-old sang goes, what does not kill you makes you stronger. Parasites and germs live in us and are everywhere.  

Mom let us run and play in the dirt and far away from the house in lower school because we lived in a culture that kept us safe. Community and reality that you cannot control it all, we rode our bikes and came home with scars from falls. And much more.

Each summer in Tennessee, I went to a camp that sprayed us down with red stuff after bathing in the lake to cover the bites and marks gathered from the week. There was no fear of things that would be considered harmful or give us dis-ease from living in nature and outdoors.

Nature itself does not make you sick; it promotes energy to make you strong, and it is natural to coexist. What makes a person sick is the environment that has been tampered with and this is the first reason to get pissed.  

However, anger does not help our health, so what can we do after bringing to light the problems that exist? 

Focus on the solution.

The two things to help keep the body healthy are detoxification from the toxins we face in day-to-day living. And make sure you can breathe because this fullness of breath associates with a healthy thymus. The immune system is what lets you meet illness and recover. The body fights this naturally.

There is an order to how your body communicates. The bodywork we provide helps restore this order to serve you and your immune system to live and feel healthy.  

To date, we do not have a cure for the common cold; however, we know what to do to recover. The cold has been around forever, and yet we survive. People take vitamin c, get rest, and life goes on.

The punchline to attaining good health is that only we can be responsible for our health. And to do so as the first line of defense against dis-ease is preventative medicine.  

We can die if we get sick with certain diseases, yes. But we are going to die anyway. So no one gets out of here alive.

Until that time, why not use the mind to create the best health you can, both mentally and physically. Our thinking affects our health. We manifest more than is understood. 

The thinking mind focused on good health is the good wolf fed and stays at your door. The evil wolf shows up but starves when given no food or attention. Do you get it? Fear is your enemy. Fear comes from a lack of knowledge, so know thy enemy.  

When given a chance to shine, something in all of us illuminates our higher purpose. To be of service, love, and expand our minds into greatness is a higher purpose. 

However the purpose of this post is for you to know that you can strengthen the immune system you received. The health and function of the body is the purpose of the immune system; the physiological function for survival is your awareness to keep it working.  

Each person has their ability to strengthen their immune system. We can all act preventatively to build the immune system and improve our chances in the early stages of any dis-ease. However, there are ways you may not have considered to address dis-ease, illnesses, and viruses that do not always involve human-made medication.

There is a wealth of information inside us all. And until you can access it yourself seek to find the answers because they exist. 

Unfortunately, some entities think an entire nation and world are not smart enough to figure it out. Frankly some people will not or do not wish to figure it out but if you do, then arriving here is a good starting point to get help.