Massage and Bodywork

Are You Ready For Relief? Book a Massage and Bodywork healing session today. Therapy is available for you to release pain, improve mobility, reduce stress, and shift out of the feeling of being in fight or flight.

The medicine present in eastern bodywork and neuromuscular sports injury massage comes from pure energy-chi healing techniques.

What you need to know about each session and these services.

Session Rates Start From $125 Per Hour

 You may be charged the total session rate if 24-hour notice is not received to reschedule or cancel.

Learn About Eastern Bodywork and the Modalities We Use

    Before You Arrive.

    Arrive five minutes before your scheduled time.

    Dress comfortably in athletic shorts or pants.

    This work does not require the removal of clothes.

    Please do not wear jeans or clothing with buttons or zippers?

    Hydration helps the body to heal faster. Drink plenty of water days before and after each session.

    Bring your open mind, allow yourself to relax, and expect change for the better.

    After Your Session.

    If you need to or can take a nap before bedtime, it is a good idea. Once you pass through a REM cycle (deep sleep), your body absorbs the energy and changes happen.

    Give yourself time to rest and integrate the work before working out or doing too much strenuous activity, twenty-four hours normally.

    It is recommended for severe neck conditions, three days without heavy lifting.

    Wait at least twenty-four hours after your session to drink alcohol.

    Learn More About

    Neuromuscular Sports Injury Massage Therapy.

    Neuromuscular bodywork is the re-education or re-training of the muscles, the brain, and the nerves used to communicate amongst each other to improve movement, strength, balance, and function.

    The parasympathetic nervous system strengthens when the sympathetic nervous system is properly functioning.
    Quality neuromuscular massage and bodywork result in a healthy sympathetic nervous system and support a more productive life.

    Neuromuscular Sports Injury Massage exists to improve function, mobility, and performance for athletes and is available for all people of all ages, having any issues functioning.

    Jessica shares her massage/bodywork experience.




    April 10

    Karen Sepko

    Progressive red rash on hands and chest for months. I went to my acupuncturist and nothing worked. Lotion and steroid shots would provide some relief but not cure the rash and it would come back. I also took a course of steroid pills that didn’t work. I had to wear long sleeve shirts it was so bad. I was really at a loss what to do. 

    I showed my friend Nuria and she introduced me to Matthew and told me to try and keep a positive mindset.  So I called him and he answered and took me in.  I took pictures of my rash before and after.

    WOW 😳 UNBELIEVABLE difference.

    April 14