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Corporate Higher Purpose Healing Consulting Services

Educational Meditation Services Provide Healing for the Mind, Help Energy Flow, and Supports Life.

Each program is unique, just like you. Our health services are available to support morale, your work, and your families.  See below for details on contacting us to book our mental, energy, and meditation services to help achieve your highest health. 

Is it time to upgrade the mental game of your company and increase your knowledge base, awareness, and even income levels?

Let’s do it together!

Healing, Mind, Body, Spirit, Energy, and Meditation services are available to groups, companies, and educational entities in person or virtually.

All services and workshops are designed to include tools to help build a solid foundation for success based on your requirements. All things as you become aware become a conscious part of your life.

Waking up to new perspectives, one at a time, is leading to living life alive and in a type of self-meditation.

Our workshops integrate, intuitive healing, ancestral healing, shamanism, mind healing, mindful meditation techniques, body awareness tips, chi energy healing all to cope with stress, provide release, and build energy.

Build life skills, master healthier communication skills, and experience the benefits of safe group support.

Each event/workshop/session format is tailored for your chosen audience and theme.

If you are open to receiving, this is a fantastic opportunity.  

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Be prepared to experience feeling renewed, and get upgraded to a higher state of mental health and body awareness.


Under 25 Individuals $65 per person

Over 25 individuals $40 per person

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    Podcast episodes teach various ways to meditate and discuss the meditative process in a group setting while sharing practical meditation tips and tools to deepen understanding.

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    “Read testimonials for our workshops, therapy sessions, and meditation

    I attended sessions of mindful meditation at his healing center. My extreme anxiety of getting to the initial meditation session gave way to inner strength to revisit my life of constant motion. I am learning to stay with my breath, enjoy guided meditation and face many questions arising within myself.

    Matthew is able to bring from the group themes which he explores with those attending. I have left the group energized and more open to life experiences.”

    – Victoria Laurent

    My husband and I went to the workshop on Kindness one Sunday and it was a great experience! We meditated, we discussed, and we connected. My husband even said he would go back every Sunday because it was such a grounding experience!

    – Allie D'Andrea

    “I am not sure one can express meditation experience in words. Yet Matthew via words gave me some tools, ideas as to what to do and how and the rest was up to my inner doing.

    In shamanic ceremonies, a shaman acts as a guide for an inexperienced adept to not get lost. I did not know that same applies to meditation, if the teacher does his work well, the student goes to that inner world fast.

    One can meditate on his own and this can be reached perhaps after many trials but if the experienced teacher is near by-the help is tremendous. This is exactly what I felt Matthew or his energy or the direction of his intention did to me and my meditation.

    I was there but I was not there at the same time. But precisely there is the direction and the place where I want to keep returning to and working on myself. Thank you, Matthew, for showing this to me.”

    – Marta Brik

    “I have now been attending weekly meditation classes with Matthew for a few months. The group is comfortable in size with a diverse makeup.

    His guidance and insightful direction have helped to clear my mind of distracting clutter and find a more positive and constructive focus.

    Matthew is wise beyond his years and gifted at putting people at ease. He finds the balance of steering without pushing and encouraging interaction while respecting comfort zones. I intend to continue working with Matthew in meditation and perhaps other areas to accumulate and sharpen skills to achieve and maintain a more balanced life.”

    – Rex McKey

    “Walking into the space, it’s clear the wonderful energy that Matthew creates. Each experience I have had with Higher Purpose Meditation has been inspirational, uplifting, and cleansing.

    For those who are already practicing meditation, Matthew brings a wonderfully creative and thorough approach so that there is always something to learn, regardless of your own meditation journey.

    For those who are new to meditation, Matthew is welcoming and inviting and is a terrific guide through the process.

    These sessions are like none other I have attended and the people who gather are all genuinely warm and caring people. I highly recommend Higher Purpose Healing!”

    – Britta Tollefsrud

    “Matthew is passionate about what he does and his spiritual holistic practice. I have attended numerous group meditations and the benefits are amazing!!

    Matthew has a natural gift for connection and healing others in a way that is a blessing.”

    – Sherrie H.

    “Definitely, recommend! Matthew is phenomenal. I’ve been to two of his meditations groups now and left both feeling happier and more at peace.

    The two-hour workshops are educational and each one focuses on a different topic. Not simply meditations, Matthew offers feedback throughout the session and allows time for questions and member input.

    Even better, Matthew’s wife Lisa is a doctor and explains the “western” and scientific perspective to things such as the organs, meridians, and energy work.”

    – Lindsay White

    “Matthew’s persistent focus on learning and healing has yielded a shoot from the hip clarity to the guidance he offers his classes and individual clients.

    I took a medical chi kung class from him two years ago and he continues to be an inspiring positive influence in my life. The work he has done to follow his own path wholeheartedly has brought him to a place from which he can really give back to the world.

    We’re lucky to have this guy working in our area, and I would encourage anyone to check out what he has to offer.”

    – Lauren McWhorter

    “I have been going to Matthew’s classes for about 3 months. I have learned a lot about meditation, self-growth, and health from him. I find him very knowledgeable and inspiring. I really like the others in the group too.
    I look forward to the class each week because each class is different and never boring.”

    – Allain B.

    “I attended Matthew’s Akashic Studies workshop with Frank Trupiano and the experience was excellent and very relaxing. A space was held for understanding, acceptance, growth, and peace.”

    – Amy Parhiala

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the meditation workshop that Matthew facilitated. My practice has deepened. I highly recommend trying one of Matthew’s workshops. The methods he used to guide us are something I was able to put into practice the next day. My 5 minutes of stillness and mindfulness have become 10 minutes with seemingly no extra “effort.”

    – GMN NOLA

    “Matthew is knowledgeable about the whole person and how to integrate spirit, mind, emotions, and body for health, wholeness, and serving others.

    Attending one of Matthew’s afternoon workshops was a stimulating adventure with guided meditation and healing energy work. Using Matthew’s time-honored techniques, I find that my body is cleansed and clearer. Because of this, I am calmer and my relationships are more harmonious and satisfying. When practicing the Medical Chi Kung meditation technique, I remember who I truly am and wonder why I don’t practice more.

    Matthew teaches Medical Chi Kung very systematically which makes for successful learning. Matthew is eager to teach what he knows so that others can heal themselves.”

    – Andrea Fagen

    “Matthew’s meditation workshop was exactly what I needed! I’ve always had trouble keeping my mind still during meditation as random thoughts would pop into my head.

    At the workshop, I was able to calm my mind and focus only on the breath with the breathing technique Matthew showed us. His soothing voice and guidance surrounded me with love and light and I immediately felt a shift in energy.

    Sharing in the group and voicing what blocks we all may have to overcome makes the experience that much more personal and makes us all feel connected. Much more refreshing than going to a group meditation where we all listen to a recording and then go home without as much as a word to each other.

    I left Matthew’s workshop with my heart full of joy and bliss. I’m definitely looking forward to more meditations with him.”

    – Katrina Perkowska

    “If you are on the path to higher living or just stuck and don’t want to be, make an appointment. It will help you in the way that YOU need.”

    – Tiffiny Wallace

    “I found Matthew while looking for a massage therapist in NOLA …. I ended up taking the meditation class offered and it was truly inspiring!! Thanks, Matthew!! Definitely, hope to get more services from Matthew in the future!”

    – Shizzy T.

    When I called to sign up for the workshop I was not sure it would be helpful to me, but I was curious and wanted to explore other alternatives of healing. As an alternative to hip replacement surgery, I had been seeing a chiropractor weekly for chronic pain in my lower back and my right hip, as well as for loss of strength in the muscles in my right leg for this past year.

    Matthew provided excellent information regarding meditation and energy balancing, and the meditation experience was wonderful. Matthew then went to the participants to provide energy balancing. When he came to me, he touched my left leg behind my knee and my right hip became warm, which lasted for several minutes. It was a truly surprising and unique experience for me. As a result, my right hip felt better and I did not lose strength in my leg muscles.

    I am truly appreciative to Matthew and Lisa for this wonderful healing experience. They are my guides on my new holistic path to healing.”

    – Marcia Roome

    “Having just retired from running my own business, I was searching for ways to fill my days during this new chapter of my life when I stumbled upon Matthew’s meditation classes.

    He includes exercises designed to improve focus and relaxation, as well as to gain an understanding of our true selves.

    Matthew’s enthusiasm, knowledge, and compassion combine to create an enlightening experience in each class.

    I give him an unequivocal recommendation.”

    – Cheryl Remsberg

    “Matthew is a natural teacher. I have been taking meditation classes for a month now and also started Chi Kung. I am happy to say this is what I have been looking for. Meditation is like getting to know your true self and realizing what you don’t need to be taken hostage by your crazy mind with its thousands of daily thoughts. I look forward to what Chi Kung will be able to teach me and recommend Matthew’s classes to anyone seeking to explore meditation and become more spiritually aware.”

    – Robert Galloway

    “Chi Kung is life-changing. If you aren’t practicing Chi Kung then you are not allowing yourself to truly be free. I wish everyone could experience this practice. Treat yourself!!!!”

    – Mary Brieden

    “Matthew Ancira’s gentle guidance through his Medical Chi Kung course clears thinking and adjusts behaviors to allow new levels of spiritual awareness.

    This awareness and following practice allow profound healing in all areas of life. Pain in my body caused by old injuries and tension has left. My mood has heightened. My blood pressure has lowered. My daily life goals have materialized with increased oxygen, blood flow, and energy that allows me to be more productive.

    Others have noticed my elevated emotional and physical health and made extremely positive comments about my demeanor and look.

    I feel grounded and elevated at the same time which enables me to extend this positivity to others. I am better able to patiently encourage and physically help family and friends with their endeavors.

    This course and resulting practice would benefit anyone in any area of life in innumerable ways.”

    – Karen Bowe

    “Matthew’s meditation sessions have been quite beneficial. In the last session, in particular, we learned some breathing techniques that I’ve used quite frequently since. The sessions have definitely been a positive influence.”

    – Bernard Guste

    “Matthew is a superb conduit for those seeking to heal, to connect with the higher self and higher consciousness, as well as for those in the stages of Awakening.”

    -Tara Cummings

    Life is about building quality relationships and we recommend starting with the self!