Meditation builds the capacity for healing the mind and body.
Meditation Matthew Ancira

Can Meditation lead to Healing?

Meditation is a path to wealth.

Our Mental and Physical Health Is the Real Wealth.

There is a way to achieve both with persistence and good fortune!

The meditation workshops held at higher purpose healing events offer endless tips for creating an abundant and healthy life. If you are in New Orleans, we host monthly and encourage you to join us when you can. However, if you cannot make it in person, don’t worry. You can join us from anywhere via our podcast.

The development of personal daily practices helps build the mind and increase our energy or chi so we can be healthier, increasing our ability to help others. Adding daily routines to support your wealth has been our finding to serve people and ourselves the best. Meditation is top of mind and opens the mind to be on top of what is required to get through the day.

Nothing is perfect. However, you already know that. Life has enough stress in it just getting through the day these days. Navigating thoughts that are constantly present is another challenge to understand. The mind is not a runaway train unless we allow it to be. The human mind does not develop independently; the brain requires both self-work and reflection, and from trauma and accidents, body release.

Your brain on Meditation. 

Meditation Therapy

Meditation currency

It was once said to me to make easy decisions usually leads to a hard life. Making hard decisions leads to a happy life. Every step is an opportunity to grow. Every time you sit to meditate, you make your life easier.

As it applies to Meditation, it does not matter if you feel you are doing it right or wrong because in the beginning doing anything new will not be as good as once you have done that thing for an extended period. Understanding and persistence yield results. Carving out time to do the things you love happens when you are balanced, and the time you take to meditate will bring you closer to the love you want to give others.

Loving yourself deepens the ability to love others. Meditating requires discipline. And discipline is a form of self-love.

Earning your space means taking time to create space. When the rich spend money, it is often to create space and distance from others to feel relaxed or free from the burden. The source of natural wealth and mental health comes from the beautiful brain, an inside job.

Decisions to honor yourself lead to living with wealth and living the easy way. However, no one can make you decide to meditate; your internal desire is required.

Ok, so you want to meditate, yes? If so, the question is, where do you begin? What is it that you should do to start learning to meditate?

Many books, tutorials, youtube videos, and resources are available; perhaps you have explored some of them? Guided meditations are everywhere. Yet, I will say for the beginner, there is a way to build from the start to eventually understand tools from the practice that will help the future you meditate with more ease.

Understanding your brain and that the ongoing internal conversations are not going to stop is critical. Your general well-being reflects the internal thought process, healthy or unhealthy, and your surroundings in terms of the external environment.

Once you can identify with these areas, you will better understand how you are navigating what is present in your life. All societies can stand to improve, and it is worth the time to get in touch with your brain and make decisions that bring about the best in you.

No matter what type of environment you are in, you have to start with your secret society, which is you, inside and out.

My support to society is being a solid individual focused on collectively growing people’s awareness. I aim to raise and assist children of all ages in being unique and free to contribute their gifts to foster a higher consciousness in our world.

Everyone is a slave to their mind until they find out the truth for themselves, take a hard look at reality, make the decision, and resolve in freedom of the spirit by going inside to develop. Then, just as the caterpillar transforms, the human shall return inward to find the new expansion and evolve consciously.

We each have our reality. Not everything is as it seems. 

Free your mind, your body will follow, and your spirit will awaken.

Meditation advice for the beginner; A Practice

Begin with only three things in mind. 

One. Sit comfortably in an open position, do not move without being aware you are moving, if you must move, know you are, if moving, be only aware you are and move. 

Two. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth without making noise; focus. 

Three. Close your eyes and repeat the word relax each time you feel uncomfortable, or your mind wanders, filtering. 

Do the practice daily as your schedule allows and for as long as you are able, a minimum of 5 minutes.