Nutrition For Kids - Healthy Futures with Dr. Lisa the Nutrition Pediatrician

“Join Dr. Lisa DeFusco-Ancira for a deep dive into nutrition for your children. Learn what foods cause inflammation and how to prevent  diseases with food. Food is our medicine!  Now is the time to provide nutrition for kids! 

In the Standard American Diet (SAD), we are fed processed, preservative,  nutrient deficient foods. Our diets are reflective of our health. In America,  our obesity rate is up over 185% and tripled in children in the last 50  years. Our society has become focused on weight and fad diets instead of  addressing the real problem: our food supply and the quality of our food  supply. In addition, our children have more autoimmune diseases and  mental health issues than previous generations. Food is a common  denominator in all conditions. It is was gives our bodies the needed  nutrients to fuel the pathways for optimal function of the body.    

I have spent the last 40 years looking at food. My parents called me the  “food police” as a teenager. I knew even before medical school the  importance of good nutrition. I have spent most of my life learning first  how to provide healthy food for myself and then for my family.   

Please join me to learn about healthy nutrition. What does good food do  for your body and your family’s bodies? How to provide timely healthy  meals without breaking your budget. Feel the benefits of nutritious food!”