Relationship Success

People wishing to self-actualize, couples, and families can all benefit from this service.

We leverage knowledge, practical psychology, life experience, energy, and ancient wisdom to provide perspective and solutions for your benefit.

The body aches so the mind can pay attention. One must train the mind to listen because our mental state influences the systems of our body. The health of our body is communicated to all around us subconsciously.

Unlocking the patterns and puzzles that yield self-understanding and openness is to achieve success in relationships.

Building quality-honest relationships, learning to communicate effectively, and becoming stable will create more love for everyone.

The first session aims to evaluate needs, establish relate-ability, and determine goals for session duration and frequency.

Relationship Success Sessions are $150 per hour for in person or zoom.
Add $25 for each additional person.

    Seeking Relationship Success, you may find yourself in one of the following situations.

    You are in a relationship requiring help, guidance, or assistance to understand, improve, or grow.

    You are willing, and your partner is not ready to get help, in which case you have to decide to evolve individually or remain stagnant.

    You are both willing to grow, which is an ideal scenario.

    You are recovering from heartbreak and need direction on attracting healthy relationships.

    There is a lot to know in understanding what is driving a wedge between couples. Missing each other’s point in communicating and the ongoing buildup of resentment is not for the faint-hearted. On the contrary, it hardens you.

    Relationship Success involves many areas of understanding. Here are some additional areas to consider.


    You are feeling strange things, likely the power or movement of your mind and body wanting to expand.

    We are in a time of awakening, and new powers are on the earth and want to help you. Therefore, it is an excellent time to understand this and grow in the relationship with yourself.

    Spiritual Direction

    You lack direction, feel unfulfilled, or are excessively tired. Some call it depression.

    We are constantly changing and in transition. Living in the past can keep the chance to move forward impossible. Not going for what we genuinely want will hold us back.

    You feel called to be of service and want support.
    In life’s journey, the person desiring to understand life will inevitably arrive to know the importance of this step.


    Personal traumas from your life burden you, and you do not grasp how to release the repetitive mind.

    PTSD is part of every human life. People are not random and operate from their life experiences. We all suffer from trauma and challenges. You are not alone.

    Mental – Meditation

    You suffer from the collective monkey mind, are always overthinking and obsessing over details.

    The intention is busy and out of control. It is confusing to know what thoughts are yours. Therefore, you take on more than necessary.

    Emotional Health

    Your ego keeps you from being vulnerable and sharing what your authentic self has to offer.

    The ego is seemingly the last frontier of a person. Moving past the ego, you are gaining the freedom to enter a world waiting to see you.

    Social Acceptance

    You lack acceptance, not fitting in, and want help navigating society in our modern world of mass confusion.

    Pressure, school, status, being good enough, and being a follower versus being a leader.


    You need to leave a job or relationship and do not know how to do it healthily.

    All things change; all grass must get cut. So how do you find your way through change and make wise choices leading to a balanced and fulfilling life?

    The mind navigates many small scenarios from waking up to sleeping, let alone the significant obstacles listed above.

    The first and most crucial relationship that grows and flourishes is yours with yourself. Building relationships with others comes after your relationship with your soul is clear.

    After you achieve relationship success, many of the previously common issues start to resolve themselves.