Seeker of knowledge, we grow in consciousness
Seeker of Knowledge

Are You A Seeker of Knowledge?

Seeker of Knowledge

Poem written to express my journey as a seeker of knowledge shared here, enjoy;

I am an inquisitive soul, a seeker of knowledge by nature.

The path of seeking often emerges when life takes unexpected turns, and I found myself on this journey in the aftermath of a family divorce. The intricate workings of relationships, what makes them flourish or falter, became my burning curiosity.

This quest led me to a profound realization: I have the power to craft my own reality.

Fuelled by curiosity, I embarked on a journey to discover the organic essence of wholeness, eschewing the notion of forcing my way to achievement.

This odyssey demanded time and dedication, a commitment to learning and growing.

The fruits of this labor have been nothing short of revolutionary.

As a result I am able to serve in providing deep healing in sessions for those who seek to be free.  You are welcome to contact me.


Seeker to knowledge

Seeker of Knowledge

In the wisdom of time, I gracefully roam, Gaining knowledge through life’s vast tome. Each moment’s relative, each soul’s domain, In this, I find freedom, a boundless terrain.

Long it took for me to truly see, The many versions of the old me. I could pat my back, why not another? Love’s hands extend, like a caring mother.

A child within, an aware adult, so free, Melded into a bendable, steadfast tree. Hardened by trials, strengthened by growth, Humble, I find home, where visitors troth.

In pursuit of light, the only way, A race to a place where greatness holds sway. Blind to the gate within, we wait, Yet, we are the key to our eternal state.

How sad not to stand in the forest, family near, Can you sense it, the exits so clear? But the entry within, to see with clarity, Is blurred unless we erase all disparity.

Blank out the slate, break it in two, Hold it in water, feel the weight accrue. Dive deep, pulled into the dark and cold, Survival first, the generations unfold.

The desire to survive, a natural decree, Rest, be at one, set your spirit free. In acceptance, the past becomes undone, Now, your journey has truly begun.

To grow, ask, “Where are my roots?” Water them, nurture, as wisdom computes. The seed of life, it germinates within, And with time, the forest, you’ll come to be in.

Becoming a tree, seeking the light, Expanding directionally, in the forest’s sight. All sing the same song, as the wind blows, Leaves open, the tribe’s reality shows.

Alone, yet together, in a shared space, The forest surrounds, a harmonious embrace. From thought to light, the spark ignites, Within, you’ll find truth’s radiant lights.

Fear not the world, journey within, find your home, Free the maze of its cure, simplicity to become. It’s about her, your connection profound, Thank you, Earth and Sky, for the wisdom you’ve crowned.

Gratitude to self for seeking the deep, To teachers, breath, those who guarded my sleep. Blessings to seekers, for life’s song to be sung, Essential are you, for the journey has just begun.

© Matthew Ancira

Seek Knowledge my friends.