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The Seeker

I am a Seeker.

It is undeniable that technology is innovating our future.

A seeker becomes curious about life when things go wrong, oftentimes.

I became a seeker as a result of a family divorce. I was driven to understand more about why things work and why they don’t work in relationships.

Ultimately I was inspired to create my Own reality.

As a person of curiosity, I was empowered to find the natural ways of being whole and not forcing the way to achieve a thing.

It took a lot of time and study.

The results have been groundbreaking.

Below, I share my art in a poem that expresses these findings.



Poem: I am a seeker.

And I er on the wisdom of time.
Gain my knowledge through experience and leave open my mind.
Relative to the moment, I allow each soul to own them.
For this, I remain free.
Until now, taking me a long while to see, I smile at the many versions of the old me.
I can pat myself on the back, but why not another.
It is the hands of love channeled from below that extend as the mother.
I am a child happy, and an adult aware blended into a bendable tree.
Hardened with trials, stout from growth humble in being home and welcomed with many visitors.
I seek the light.
Is there any other way?
A race to a place that is far outweighed with great.
The carrot of blind fate for seeing not nor understanding yourself as the eternal gate.
Sad, is it not, not to stand in the forest with your family?
Can you sense it?
So many exits exist into the world, and yet the one entry inside to see all with clarity is blurred.
Unless, of course, you choose to lose all the vision that was passed to you.
Blank out the slate and break it. Hold it into the water.
Hold tight and walk out further, feeling the weight.
You dive deep, being pulled into the dark and cold further from what you know.
For what you know was taught after some time because parents had not known nor dared to go.
Survive first, not able to feel at first the generations carried on.
The feeling inside is a natural desire to survive. But not you.
Be at one.
Let all this go.
In acceptance, it becomes undone.
Now you can begin.
And how so to grow?
Ask thyself, where are my roots?
Water them or grow them once you understand the seed of life is germinated from within you.
From this process with time, you shall find the forest by chance.
First, becoming the tree takes focus, always seeking the light.
Being blinded by some and expanding directionally to be more.
Once rubbing shoulders with others of the like, it is apparent that all sing, as the wind blows, the same song.
The leaves have opened, and you sense the reality of the tribe, that all stands alone.
Self-sustained in a similar space.
The forest is all around you.
From thought to light, the spark must come out of the dark.
Fear not the ways of the world, go within and journey alone.
Free the maze of its cure. It is more simple than that.
It is about her. And your connection.
Thank you, earth mother and father sky.
Thank you self for being selfish enough to fish out the truths buried deep inside.
Thank you, teachers, and thank you breath.
And thank you for those who looked after me and kept me alive.
Blessings to all and seekers become, for you are essential so life’s song can be sung.