Eastern Bodywork, Neuromuscular Sports Therapy Massage, and Pure Energy Healing Natural Therapy for the Mind and Body. 

Please Note: All Massage – Bodywork Sessions Are Fully Clothed.

Our most potent natural therapy for the body combines Eastern Bodywork, Pure Energy, and Neuromuscular Sports Injury Massage Therapy. 

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Let’s learn about what this entails.

Eastern-Massage-Energy-Bodywork Sessions 

If you desire to sleep well, live pain-free over time, and healthily manage stress, you have arrived at the right place. You have probably sought various therapies for the body to solve your issues.  We have discovered excellent solutions to find the balance for a body of any age through a combination of techniques to achieve a state of stability for the self.  Scroll to the bottom for information on booking a session.  Read on to understand what modalities are used to serve you.

Eastern Bodywork

Techniques incorporate Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Persian, and Indian modalities. The Eastern Bodywork modalities were added to increase results. Additional benefits from the Eastern modalities are the release of tension, anger, stress, and pain from the body.

Bodywork and Massage

Pure Energy

All things are energy. It takes energy and intention to affect change in the body. Belief in energy can differ amongst people; however, only the results matter.  The pure energy techniques come from the combination of static Chi Kung practice, and Heaven, and Earth techniques passed down from two master teachers. 

Neuromuscular Sports Injury and Sports Medicine Massage Therapy

Originally the Neuromuscular Sports Injury and Sports Medicine Massage Therapy were explicitly designed to improve function, mobility, and performance for professional athletes. Today, this service is available to everyone. The needs of people in society have become increasingly plentiful.

Massage-Bodywork Modalities

Massage-bodywork sessions include some combination of the following; conscious and intuitive healing, healing-touch, kinesiology, acupressure, meridians of the body, chi, heaven, and earth energy, structural alignment, AMMA, vibrational techniques, reflexology, polarity, lymphatic drainage, craniosacral, meditation, reiki, shamanism, Jin Shin Jyutsu, sound healing, chakra healing, and chi kung.   

The Process Of Healing  

The process of healing is fascinating. The body is the storehouse of experiences, traumas, emotions, and events as you have experienced them throughout your life.  Your body is a walking file cabinet of these experiences overflowing to get your attention.  

No one can suffer forever, and everyone can gain a chance to heal and return to a relatively pain-free body. However, it requires persistence and patience. 

We are specializing in problem-solving to achieve favorable results through evaluation, training, education, experience, caring, and listening skills. Having had guidance through the process of our healing, you do not have to do it alone. 

Please note: All Massage – Bodywork Sessions are Fully Clothed. 

How to help yourself. 

Please note that several circumstances create havoc on the body structure. Being aware of the following topics is necessary to generate massive healing in the mind and body.

Each of the issues below plays into the time it takes to help repair a body. 

A.) Sleep is necessary to heal the brain.  The brain controls the body. Not sleeping can create many problems that were not an issue initially.  We help your body relax and generate better sleep patterns.  

B.) Hydration. All systems of the body require hydration. Remaining hydrated helps keep the body safe. Cerebrospinal, interstitial, lymph, blood, saliva, bile, mucus, synovial fluid need hydration. The actual current necessary for energy to pass through the body is water, ever-present through proper hydration. Click here to read our blog on hydration. 

C.) The Mental Game is crucial. All things originate in the mind, and the overexertion of the body to compensate will hurt the mind-body connection long term.  Therefore the mind must be addressed. Once a month, we offer an opportunity for the public to join us and do just that, upgrade your mental game.  Click here to see our schedule and join us monthly to Upgrade your Mental Game.

D.) Stretching helps most people avoid unnecessary injuries.  Stretching is just as important as sleep, especially as we age. We test many programs until we find what works well and meets our criteria, and we found a gold mine. It is a robust program that is changing lives.  The routine will safely stretch your body while building your core and check the exercise box for the day. Check back here for a fantastic resource on stretching and discover our solution to better posture, exercise, and stretching combined. Should be up within a few weeks, so check back.

E.) Communication.  Did you know that the majority of your connection to other people comes from body language?   Your body is always communicating. Through building your mind-body awareness, there is an opportunity to both make your communication clear to others and understand what your body is saying to you.

We read a lot of books and search for the best ways to improve our relationships, mainly in improving our communication skills. What we have learned is understanding the other person comes second to understanding oneself.  The body is impressive, and it does not lie.  So why not learn what it has to say?

F.) Nutrition.  Food is our medicine.  What we put into our bodies can affect the health of the organs and create or reduce inflammation. 

Massage-Bodywork Sessions: 

Eastern Bodywork, Pure Energy, and Neuromuscular Sports Injury Massage Therapy, Sports Medicine.

Each session is provided to improve the overall health and well-being of a person. The massage – bodywork session takes a full-spectrum approach and a focus on preventative care while resolving current issues. 

People spend a lot of money on things for their house or their vehicle; however, they often neglect the essential user of both.  Maintenance is required in a home or for transportation, and we, as humans, are no different.

Some people spend a lot of money on their bodies in general.  However, the deepest part of them, the organs, is the accurate representation of their health.  We address the health of your entire body during your session.  

Taking care of yourself is the first step to taking care of others.

An individual creates well-being from the inside. From this creation, the outside becomes more manageable and clearer. And these sessions create prosperity inside that leads to deeper states of well-being in life.

We offer preventative and restorative care for children, adults, and the elderly.  

Yes, you can now achieve balance, relief, and experience peace with time, patience, and persistence.

Please know the first requirement for your relief and change into a more powerful being is that you are ready and open to receive help healing yourself.  

Natural Healing for the Body “Massage-Bodywork Session”

$125 per hour

New clients, please arrive five minutes early. Regulars please enter on time.

*Dress comfortably as clothes remain on.  Avoid jeans or clothes with lots of buttons or zippers, please.

*Full session rate will be charged to you if 24-hour notice is not received.

Our weekly schedule fills up fast. If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please contact us with as much advance notice as possible so we can help someone else. 

For the best results from bodywork do not drink alcohol within 24 hours, drink a good amount of water, and give yourself time to rest and integrate the work that was done.  

For the best results with services from Higher Purpose Healing, we recommend using a combination of the natural therapies offered. To unlock traumas in the body and build awareness of these traumas repeating in mind.

Expanding the mind to develop new programs within the context of knowledge will lead to more light and peace.

Collectively these offerings create a unique opportunity to provide more clarity to the individual and ultimately more freedom.

It is highly recommended to use a combination of natural therapies, such as Mental Wealth and Relationship Healing Therapy, and our Meditation Workshops.

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