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Testimonials and Reviews

These are posted online testimonials and reviews for services provided here at Higher Purpose Healing.

When my right calf muscles cramped I couldn't put my full weight on them to walk. It got better over two weeks but it happened again. Matthew released the knot of cramped muscles and within 24 hours the soreness subsided and I can walk again without pain. Turned out the left calf was a wreck waiting to happen which he also took care of.


Matt took the time to get to know me. We talked about treatment and expectations. Wow beyond what I thought was possible. He corrected my leg issues and no longer need shoe prosthetics. Amazing I cannot recommend him enough.

-Jim Reineke

When I first started sessions with Matthew I was a bundle of nerves and anxiety. The most challenging part was that I couldn't see a way out. I was going to acupuncture, massage, and therapy. All of these things left me feeling better for a very brief period of time and then all of my ailments would quickly return. I knew that there was something missing. After my first session with Matthew I felt clearer and more stable than I had in years. And the best part was that I could see a way out of my current predicament. It was as if Matthew had "charged" my battery that was severely depleted. When I left Matthew's office I felt like my engine was on and humming. I am in awe of his talents and gifts and I am deeply, deeply grateful for him. I truly can't imagine where I would be without his healing practices.

-Kathleen Taber

I was referred to Matthew by a trusted friend who is a strong healer in the wellness space. She mentioned Matthew paved the way for her. As an energy worker myself who works on people with various conditions and traumas my body takes quite a beating and I understand the importance of going to someone who is true and values you as an individual with integrity. I don’t allow just any practitioner to work on me unless they hold this and it speaks volumes that I even had a session with him. Matthew is truly a powerful and special individual who honors his work. He is a breaker of chains to allow more change to occur in your life. My session with Matthew was like an Ayahausca experience as he released blocks and stagnant energy from all the beating my body has taken. It allowed me to revisit again another emotional pain I was carrying within myself as he honestly pinpointed the things that were troubling me that I had to release in order to continue to do deeper and fundamental work with others as I was preparing to hold a ceremony in Louisiana. Matthew allowed me to regain strength once again to see things more clearly. I am honored to be able to receive from Matthew and will continue to see him as he is a valued member of the community. He is exactly where he needs to be…in the heart of NOLA helping people to reach their higher purpose. He knows his stuff and has worked with many through his years to come to his understanding after getting to connect with him. As a practitioner who values honesty, integrity, and authenticity Matthew is the guy to see. Thank you brother and continue sharing your gifts and responsibility to the world! Haux Haux 🙏🏽

-James Salazar

I agree with the review that says run here! Lol I cannot tell you how grateful I am to Matthew for releasing so much stress and pain in my body. I have never experienced anything like it. I have had an issue in my back for 5-6 years and it is completely gone after a couple sessions. I have had terrible nerve pain in my face and it was immediately gone after one session. I always feel lighter like a heavy load has been lifted off of me everytime I leave. Anxiety and stress just dissipates. I'm taking everyone I know here when they visit me! I am eternally grateful. Matthew is truly a gem and I cannot recommend enough.


I came in with chronic tmj, other advice from professionals was not helping. One session with Matthew changed it all. The clicking in my jaw stopped and the ear pain was gone. I will definitely be coming back for more help with my jaw and other things

-Chase Carpenter

Incredible. I came to see Matthew because I was having issues with my neck and with overall wellness. I just wasn't feeling great. A friend recommended that I have a session with Matthew and I'm so glad I listened. He is incredibly intuitive in knowing what is going on in the body and what the root cause of problems are, not just giving you a bandaid solution. The session was super relaxing and informative. I left feeling lighter, younger, and my posture was even immediately better. Amazing and I can't wait to go back.

-Sarah M.

I engaged Matthew to facilitate a mindfulness practice for a small group of staff at my nonprofit workplace in recognition of a scheduled staff appreciation week. Matthew met us at the NOMA Sculpture Garden and shared lots of knowledge related to how we use our bodies and minds each day. Matthew offered and practiced new tools on the spot with us culminating with a meditation. I found Matthew to be engaging, relatable, and knowledgeable. He shared tools and practices that everyone in our group could utilize. Given the opportunity, I would call on Matthew again.

-Holly Heine

After many moons of bad health and countless doctor appointments & bills, I was never able to ascertain a diagnosis or subsequent treatment plan for my ailments. I decided to schedule an appointment with Matthew to find a new perspective and it has worked better than I could have imagined. I'm glad I joined The Healing Team and highly recommend anyone who feels like they are spinning their wheels in an ill equipped medical system to join, as well.

-Taylor Mahan

Mwen t gen anpil problem nan genou , après de Terapi nan higher purpose healing Mwen santim yon lot moun esaye Mezanmi. Bon service.


My family and I have been going to Higher Purpose Healing for about 3 years now and we have truly been comfortable with Mr. Matthew services. He is very accommodating, patient and always seeks first to understand. He doesn’t make you feel weird, different or uncomfortable. He is very transparent and will let you into his world. Thank you Higher Purpose Healing for the love and continued support with this journey called life!! 🙏🏽  

-Conchetta Barriere

An innermost control of healing stress, the "chi" key. We have journeyed another level in the Healing Arts. The manifestation of stress expressed in the body tells no lies in its path of fight, flight, or fright becoming to some, a new normal. We loose the simplicity of quiet, deep breath, and the discipline to focus. Medical Chi Kung reactivates and empowers a key component to reboot energies required to sustain life. To live well, energy well. Seek and yes there is a Higher Purpose, thank you Matthew and my heartfelt thanks to Sifu Tommy, Namaste. Alice Funk ND, CNHP, LMT Tom Funk, Marine Veteran, understands, requested to take this class- being around Alice's practice involving Eastern Philosophy of 16 years.

-Alice Funk

I attended Matthew's Akashic Studies workshop with Frank Trupiano and the experience was excellent and very relaxing. A space was held for understanding, acceptance, growth, and peace

-Amy Parhiala

My name is Rebekah Bertrand I took the chi quong class taught by Matthew Ancira he is a wonderful teacher he has open up so much to us in his class my husband and I have had so much healing in our bodies by using the method he taught us. He is easy to understand and makes the class enjoyable Mathew is on his way to becoming a great healer and teacher. We have thoroughly enjoyed his classes. He also gave us good info on plants to use to help heal us. I am feeling so good and have so much positive energy flowing through. My body it feels so good to feel all this again

-Becky Bertrand

I attended Matthew Ancira's and Dr. Lisa DeFusco's Wellness Workshop on May 16,2015, and it was an amazing experience. When I called to sign up for the workshop I was not sure it would be helpful to me, but I was curious and wanted to explore alternatives of healing. As an alternative to hip replacement surgery I had been seeing a chiropractor weekly for chronic pain in my lower back and my right hip, as well as for loss of strength in the muscles of my right leg for the past year. Matthew provided excellent information regarding meditation and energy balancing, and the meditation experience was wonderful. Matthew then went to the participants to provide energy balancing. When he came to me he touched my left leg behind my knee and my right hip became warm, which lasted for several minutes. It was truly a surprising and unique experience for me. as a result my hip felt better and I did not lose strength in my leg muscles. I am truly appreciative to Matthew and Lisa for this wonderful healing experience. They are now my guides on my new holistic path to healing.

-Marcia Roome

Matthew's meditation sessions have been quite beneficial. The last session in particular we learned some breathing techniques that I've used quite frequently since. The sessions have definitely been a positive influence.

-Bernard Guste

Wow! Matthew is a true healer. I had a wonderful experience with him and I know that this will the first of many. My job can be very demanding and stressful at times. Matthew helped my body release much of the stress and tension I was experiencing. He also taught me how to work with my bodies energies to regulate my thyroid. Matthew is a wonderful person who is filled with knowledge and experience and I am looking forward to our next season. He is the real deal and his heart is definitely in the right place.

-Elizabeth Wellman

Matthew's persistent focus on learning and healing has yielded a shoot from the hip clarity to the guidance he offers his classes and individual clients. I took a medical chi kung class from him two years ago and he continues to be an inspiring positive influence in my life. The work he has done to follow his own path whole-heartedly has brought him to a place from which he can really give back to the world. We're lucky to have this guy working in our area, and i would encourage anyone to check out what he has to offer.

-Lauren McWhorter

I have been attending Meditation classes and they have helped me tremendously. Matthew teaches in a way that is inspiring while also allowing for group discussion. I now have a daily meditation practice which is helping me with stress and motivating me to move forward with projects and responsibilities I've been putting off. Thank you!

-Rachael Forest

Matthew's practice has helped enhance my overall well being- my mind, body, and soul. He is a healer. Although we have been working together for only two months, this transformation has already been witnessed by those close to me. I consider his work a gift.

-C. A.

I have been going to Matthew’s classes for about 3 months. I have learned a lot about meditation, self growth and health from him. I find him very knowledgeable and inspiring. I really like the others in the group too. I look forward to the class each week because each class is different and never boring.

-Allain Bush

Matthew's meditation workshop was exactly what I needed! I've always had trouble keeping my mind still during meditation as random thoughts would pop into my head. At the workshop, I was able to calm my mind and focus only on the breath with the breathing technique Matthew showed us. After years of trying to keep my mind still enough to be able to have a meaningful meditation, I felt like I was failing so I gave up for a while. I've just recently started up again, determined to get to a point where keeping the mind still comes naturally. At Matthew's guided meditation workshop I was able to calm my mind almost immediately. His soothing voice and guidance surrounded me with love and light and I immediately felt a shift in energy. I've been to a few other group meditations and wasn't very fond of the facilitator turning on a recording of someone else's guided meditation for us to listen to. I could have done that at home. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Matthew's voice guiding the group during our meditation instead of a recording. It really DOES make a huge difference. Sharing in the group and voicing what blocks we all may have to overcome makes the experience that much more personal and makes us all feel connected. Much more refreshing than going to a group meditation where we all listen to a recording and then go home without as much as a word to each other. I left Matthew's workshop with my heart full of joy and bliss. I'm definitely looking forward to more meditations with him.

-Katrina Perkowska

I am not sure one can express meditation experience in words. Yet Matthew via words gave me some tools, ideas as to what to do and how and the rest was up to my inner doing. In shamanic ceremonies a shaman acts as a guide for an inexperienced adept to not get lost. I did not know that same applies to meditation, if the teacher does his work well, the student goes to that inner world fast. One can meditate on his own and this can be reached perhaps after many trials but if the experienced teacher is near by-the help is tremendous. This is exactly what I felt Matthew or his energy or the direction of his intention did to me and my meditation. I was there but I was not there at the same time. But precisely there is the direction and the place where I want to keep returning to and working on myself from. Thank you, Matthew for showing this to me.

-Marta Brik

I am in my mid seventies. I am still searching for unity with the universe and through the internet and suggestion of my daughter found Matthew. I attended sessions of mindful meditation at his healing center. My extreme anxiety of getting to the initial meditation session gave way to inner strength to revisit my life of constant motion. I am learning to stay with my breath, enjoy guided meditation and face many questions arising within myself. Matthew is able to bring from the group themes which he explores with those attending. I have left the group energized and more open to life experiences.

-Victoria Laurent

I am an IT professional in New Orleans and have been attending meditation and Chi Kung classes with Matthew. I am excited about growing my Chi Kung practice and delving deeper into mediation techniques. I recommend meditation and Chi Kung with Matthew for anyone looking to explore inward to the body's self healing abilities and one's spiritual awareness.

-Robert Galloway

I thoroughly enjoyed the meditation workshop that Matthew facilitated. My practice has deepened. I highly recommend trying one of Matthew's workshops. The methods he used to guide us are something I was able to put into practice the next day. My 5 minutes of stillness and mindfulness have become 10 minutes with seemingly no extra "effort."

-Greg Nacozy

I have now been attending weekly meditation classes with Matthew for a few months. The group is comfortable in size with a diverse makeup. His guidance and insightful direction has helped to clear my mind of distracting clutter and find a more positive and constructive focus. Matthew is wise beyond his years and gifted at putting people at ease. He finds the balance of steering without pushing, and encouraging interaction while respecting comfort zones. I intend to continue working with Matthew in meditation and perhaps other areas to accumulate and sharpen skills to achieve and maintain a more balanced life.

-Rex McKey

Matthew Ancira is a very skilled and gifted healer and practitioner. I originally began seeing him because of a car accident I was in. I had neck, hip and back injuries such that I just wanted to be able to move without pain. I thought I was going to be in a wheelchair. Over the course of treatment, I not only am walking pain free, but have reconnected spiritually with myself. Matthew is very knowledgeable on how to FIX what is wrong, but during the fixing, he has opened blocked pathways enabling healing to all areas of my body and spirit. Many times my body vibrates off the table as he moves energy through me and unblocks pathways of emotions and healing. During treatment, I am able to connect with the energy and allow myself to receive this healing. I have undergone chiropractic sessions for years, but these intramuscular treatments and releases really heal everything (mind, body, spirit). I can now stand up straight, walk up stairs, and move around pain free without a wheelchair or a cane. I am convinced that there are very few people on the planet that can actually heal your ailments and I am truly grateful to be lucky enough to have crossed paths with Matthew.


Walking into the space, it's clear the wonderful energy that Matthew creates. Each experience I have had with Higher Purpose Meditation has been inspirational, uplifting, and cleansing. For those who are already practicing meditation Matthew brings a wonderfully creative and thorough approach so that there is always something to learn, regardless of your own meditation journey. For those who are new to meditation Matthew is welcoming and inviting and is a terrific guide through the process. These sessions are like none other I have attended and the people who gather are all genuinely warm and caring people. I highly recommend Higher Purpose Healing!

-Britta Tollefsrud

My session with Matthew provided clarity and a release of stress and tightness. I was able to create an opportunity to better understand how to start a journey of better self care and health.

-Dominique Burns

I am always mystified at how he can always transform my mood and energy to a more pleasant state. He never fails to be extremely compassionate and receptive to the needs of his clients. Matthew also has a great sense of humor with how he approaches life. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know Matthew over the years, and would recommend him highly. He is definitely the real deal.


I had a very pleasant experience with Matthew and Lisa while participating to one of their great guided meditations group sessions. Also Matthew demonstrated his altruistic, wise and helpful approach since our first telefonic conversation. I didn't receive a healing session yet but I look forward to it when I come back to new orleans.

-Mathieu (Mateo)

Intuitive, remarkable talent that provided me with Immediate results for back issues. Matthew offers an experience like no other.

-Georgia Boswell

My husband and I went to the workshop on Kindness one Sunday and it was a great experience! We meditated, we discussed, and we connected. My husband even said he would go back every Sunday because it was such a grounding experience!

-Allie D’Andrea

I love every single session I have with Matthew. I experience and gain something new about myself, my purpose, and my place in the world in every hour long session. He has helped me heal many pains, internal and external, and has even diminished problems I was not even aware of that could have turned into serious issues. I am so grateful for Matthew and all of the healing energy, love, understanding, and knowledge I gain from him. Matthew’s workshops are wonderful as well. His guided meditations and group discussions have helped me reach deep within myself and connect with others on a whole new level. I highly recommend his workshops and one-on-one sessions especially if you are someone who has experienced past traumas, is going through any hardships, is experiencing pain, or is looking to deepen your awareness and self love.

-Chloe Carpenter

Having a session with Matthew is a life changing experience! I live in North Carolina and travel to New Orleans specifically to see him. I suffered an injury to my right shoulder in 2012. Have had five surgeries been in severe chronic pain ever since. I have traveled the entire United States looking for help with Western Medicine and have gotten nowhere only worse. I thought I would try a session with Matthew and it is the most relief I had gotten in seven years! He is the real deal! I had only been sleeping 2 or 3 hours a night due to pain and I slept 6 hours after one treatment for the first time in years. Everytime I go I am amazed at the healing in my body and soul that takes place. Doctors have mostly written me off saying there is nothing they can do to help me. To anyone suffering from chronic pain and have not found help and answers don’t give up. Matthew is the healer you have been searching for.

-Kimberly Paoletti

As a physician, I turn to Matthew to fill the gaps that modern medicine does not know how to address, and I try to implement what I learn from him into my practice. He is definitely a gifted healer who knows how to harness his own energy and relay that to others. I highly recommend Matthew and the Higher Purpose Healing center.

– Mamina Turegano, MD

I had neck, hip and back injuries such that I just wanted to be able to move without pain. I thought I was going to be in a wheelchair. Over the course of treatment, I not only am walking pain-free but have reconnected spiritually with myself. Matthew is very knowledgeable on how to FIX what is wrong, but during the fixing, he has opened blocked pathways enabling healing to all areas of my body and spirit.

-C. Becnel

Definitely recommend! Matthew is phenomenal. I've been to two of his meditations groups now and left both feeling happier and more at peace. The two-hour workshops are educational and each one focuses on a different topic. Not simply meditations, Matthew offers feedback throughout the session and allows time for questions and member input. Even better, Matthew's wife Lisa is a doctor and explains the "western" and scientific perspective to things such as the organs, meridians and energy work.

– Lindsay White

It’s truly changing my life and body to a new and more healthy me. I’ve even stopped smoking.

– Michelle Silva

I was seeking a new treatment to improve my over all health while going through intense grief and discovered Matthew. I have continued regularly for over a year, and the therapy has been very beneficial. Matthew is a gifted and generous healer. I am physically active, and the energy and body work allows me to perform at peak levels as well as improves my mood and mental clarity. I leave each session with a sense of great rejuvenation, balance, and relaxation. Thank you, Matthew!!

-Renee Keiser

If you are in chronic pain, make an appointment with Matthew today. He helped me solve sciatic and lower pain so that I am walking and dancing again. The body work he does incorporates orthopedic science with eastern energy work. He is like a chiropractor for the more evolved. I can't recommend him highly enough.

-Casey DeMoss

I was diagnosed with bells palsy, my face was paralyzed and could hardly talk. A friend suggested that I see Matthew and he was a lifesaver! I had 2 sessions with him and I’m back to normal.

-Gary Angelette

I have been living with persistent shoulder pains for a year and a half now and have lost full range in usage. And only after one healing session I have gained full mobility without pain. Thank You.

-Jon Gilleres

My job can be very demanding and stressful at times. Matthew helped my body release much of the stress and tension I was experiencing. He also taught me how to work with my body's energies to regulate my thyroid.

-Elizabeth Wellman

Matthew has helped me tremendously with various health issues. I have suffered from severe migraines/headaches for well over 10 years and now I barely get any. My blood pressure was 180/100 when I started seeing Matthew and now it stays around 116/68. I'm taking a lot less medication because things are improving. His personality and energy are great! He is an excellent healer!

-Christy Colson

Matthew is amazing. With four sessions, he released a shoulder that had been frozen for 13 years. I have a neurological condition that causes my muscles to harden and become inflexible. Matthew’s skilled, instinctive hands have yielded results I have doggedly sought for 15 years. After six weeks, Matthew encouraged me to begin stretching to expedite my progress. For years stretching had not impacted my muscle spasticity, so I wasn’t very enthusiastic about it. However, this time it did! My muscles had been loosened enough to move when I stretched. I was thrilled. My work at home allowed him to move on to other locked muscles. Doctors told me surgery was the only way to unlock my shoulder. They told me nothing could improve my neurological condition and I would probably never walk unassisted again. While I love doctors and respect the hard work and effort they invest in trying to help others, they are not the last word. God and the human spirit have the final word. I would recommend Matthew to anyone seeking a neuromuscular massage therapist. To those with MS, Spastic Paraparesis and other neurological conditions that cause muscles to lock and make movement challenging...run.

-Ann Bruce

Matthew is amazing! I broke my toe about 5 years ago and the pain spiraled throughout my right foot and leg. This pain was impacting my every day life. After my very first visit to Matthew, I immediately felt the difference!!! I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt. A few days later and still no pain. Matthew is a gem!

-Brittany Burns

Matthew and Lisa have so much to offer through their work. Just through one group meditation on emotions, I was able to leap frog months, if not years of work dealing with my anger and other emotions. Matthew, through his body and energy work, also did more for me in one session unlocking my tight calves than weeks of physical therapy had been able to accomplish. Matthew and Lisa are personable and really care about the people they treat and work with. I can't recommend trying Higher Purpose enough, especially if you've hit a dead end with conventional methods of emotional and physical healing (they are related!).

-Pam Russell

I had crippling back pain everyday. Matthew has helped that improve every time I go to him. So many things are better. I walk better. My breathing is better. My shoulders and neck and on and on. Matthew is a true healer. His energy is amazing. You have to be patient and give yourself to him He will not disappoint!!

-Mary Schoen

We had Matthew come into our corporate event to help the business leaders in our organization help manage stress and anxiety.

-Anuj G.

Higher Purpose Healing is the absolute perfect name for what I am experiencing in my sessions with Matthew. I woke up this morning a little after 4am, sat on the side of my bed and gave tearful thanks. The trauma and pain I have carried for decades felt ingrained, to the point that we coexisted like sand and water on a coastline. It was an accepted reality that it would always be this way. I didn't think healing was possible for me. Certainly, I felt that dislodging the pain would send me into a fetal position and there was a fear that it would break me. Holding the trauma pain had morphed into physical in recent years and the physical got much harder to ignore or accept. The experience with Matthew is different than any healing modality I have ever tried. He is very gentle. Intuitive and respectful. My tears this morning are those of immense gratitude. I can finally feel this pain unlocking and leaving.

-Tara Cummings

For serious athletes, there are times when heating solutions and alternating hot and cold compresses simply won’t work to heal those overused and overstressed muscles and nerves. For those times, it is great to know that Matthew Ancira is just a phone call away. When my son, a six-day a week swimmer, began complaining that he was experiencing pain in his shoulders, I instantly became concerned. After two weeks of trying home remedies, his pain resulted in him having to scratch from finals during a swim meet. In the five years he’s been swimming, he has never scratched, never missed a race. After calling his pediatrician that Friday afternoon, she immediately scheduled him to come in. Within the first three minutes of the visit, she informed us that his muscles had simply “knotted up” and would require intensive neuromuscular massage. Although I was happy to hear that it wasn’t anything that would require surgery, I was a little skeptical that a massage, any type of massage, would work. As his state meet was quickly approaching, we went to see Matthew Ancira for a 1-hour session. When my son’s session was complete, he expressed that he has NEVER felt this relaxed. As we left his appointment, he was dancing to the car while blowing kisses to babies. He felt that awesome. As I share my experience, I too feel awesome that as a parent, I got it right this time. The right was trying this specialty therapy before entertaining the idea of surgery or any other invasive procedure. I have been sharing my story with other parents on our swim team hoping that they’ll remember that not every muscle injury requires surgery. Sometimes, you just need to call Matthew Ancira.

-Lakeisha H.

I have known Matthew Ancira for almost 20 years. He’s a close friend, big brother and life coach for me as long as I’ve known him. Matthew approaches everything he does with intensity, purpose and aims for perfection in his work and relationships. He puts his heart into his friends, family and pupils. Higher Purpose Healing and the energy work that Matthew performs will also help you achieve your goals.

-Anthony D.

Matthew is the real deal. I just left a session and I can literally feel blockages removed and healing energy coursing through my channels. As an energy worker myself, I am very selective about who I work with on my healing journey, and that is why I am so glad to have connected with Matthew. So highly recommended.

-Marcella D’Antonio

Matthew is a skilled and compassionate healer. I experienced relief from recurrent headaches and wrist pain within just a few sessions. As a registered nurse, I am impressed with his technique for healing. I highly recommend Matthew to anyone experiencing any type of discomfort.

-Roxanne Afis

After an MRI verified I had a small rotator cuff tear in my left shoulder, I completed 10 weeks of physical therapy in March 2016. Although my condition improved considerably with therapy, I was not pain-free when it ended, and my arm/shoulder range of motion was not where it should be. I continued with the recommended exercises at home, but I was beginning to doubt I would get back to my pre-tear condition without undergoing surgery. One Saturday at the end of our Level 3 Chi Kung class, I was talking to Matthew when he looked at me and commented about the imbalance in my shoulders and about other apparent body issues. He indicated he could help with this, and I promptly made an appointment. During our first session, I was very impressed with the bodywork modalities used by Matthew and the improvements I experienced. With only one session, the range of motion in my left arm/shoulder increased substantially with a corresponding decrease in pain, my shoulder imbalance diminished, and I noticed my breathing was much smoother, easier, and less winded when using my exercise cycle the following morning. I was thrilled to experience this after a one-hour initial session. I have now had five sessions with Matthew, and my left arm/shoulder is just about 100% which is something I thought was no longer possible without surgery. My body continues to feel better, looser, and more in balance, and I look forward to additional sessions to address the many aches, pains, and imbalances that accumulate over one’s lifetime. Matthew is very passionate about helping people, and I believe he is gifted in this area. I feel very fortunate to have found someone that can help with my body issues. I highly recommend Matthew as the person who can help you with yours.

-Craig Tauzin

It’s difficult to put into words exactly what Matthew does. As a highly physical person, I have explored many types of healers both in the physical/hands-on bodywork approach and the energetic sense of healing. Matthew combines both in such a unique way, he is unlike any healer I have seen before. And, simply said, he really has a magical touch. Matthew is extremely attentive and in tune with the body. He was able to resolve chronic issues that I actually did not even mention to him — within one session. Problems I accepted as simply a part of me. He worked on my issues with such detail and patience. Something that I truly appreciate. I wish I had a Matthew where I live, but I look forward to seeing him anytime I am in town. His energy is so welcoming and genuine. He is the real deal. I also attended a guided group meditation. It was wonderful. The people were very open and of all levels of practice, which I think is quite lovely. It was a beautiful way to share space and energy.

-K H.

Five months ago I met Mathew through my chi kung instructor. I began attending Mathews group meditations and have had a couple of body work sessions. He uses a very unique combination of healing techniques that integrate mind, body, and spirit. He is a very high-minded individual who has the ability to tune in to the essence of the self and assist in healing on many levels. The changes that I have experienced are profound both physically and mentally. I feel very fortunate to have found someone like him to help me on my journey through life. He has given me a whole new perspective and I highly recommend him.

-Trish Blanchard

My experience with Higher Purpose Healing for the past 8 months has been really gratifying. I'm a very anxious person that has always had trouble sleeping. First time I went to get a body work done with Matthew, I saw noticeable improvement. That whole week I slept like a normal person should sleep. Since then I have had no problems sleeping. I am supposed to be on plaquenil for life, since I have two auto immune diseases that have no cure, yet! I could not go on for over two weeks without the medication feeling really sick. But now, after starting my healing with Matthew, I've been 7 and a half months without the medication and still feel good. Actually better than I used to. I am more active, energetic, healthier, with way less anxiety. I really feel that I am on the right track now. Thanks to Matthew Ancira and Higher Purpose Healing. Matthew, Muito obrigada por toda essa transformação positiva na minha vida. Super indico! Matthew faz um trabalho magnifico e ainda fala Portugues.

-Celia Cruz

“Run don’t walk to Mathew! When I arrived at Mathew’s office, my stress/anxiety level was 9.5 out of 10. He did energy work on me and then walked me through a guided meditation. His guided meditation taught me how to manage my anxiety. It was amazing how relaxed and healed I felt when I left. Since leaving his office, I have been able to manage my anxiety in ways that I had never conceived of. He is truly a gifted healer.”

-Pamela Pipes

Matthew is very knowledgeable, professional, and inviting! I had a one on one hands on (and clothes on) session with him and I left feeling renewed and energized. My lower back pain that I have been suffering from was gone and my shoulder that had limited range of motion, suddenly has full range of motion, pain free! Lastly, I have been filled with stress and anxiety, so he ended our session using some relaxation techniques. When I sat up, my mind was clear and I felt completely calm. All of this in one session!!!! I can't wait to make this a part of my monthly routine. I highly recommend a private session with him!

-Katie Kiefer Tillery

I suffer depression and anxiety and about a year and half ago I herniated a disk in my lower back, the back pain made my life so miserable that I ended up having back surgery. The back surgery somewhat help but did not resolve my back problem completely. Frustrated and disappointed with the results of the surgery and with certain aspects in my life my depression/anxiety symptoms came back. This time I did not want to go back to a psychiatrist to be medicated and in my desperation for an alternative I did search online for meditation groups in the area and I found Matthew. I left him a message and he called me back immediately and we started with individual sessions right the way. Matthew has helped me in so many ways, the bodywork has helped to reduce my back pain and stress and he has helped me to cope with my anxiety/depression, he was literally a light that I needed in a very dark moment. Matthew listens, makes himself available and he definitely brings the state of serenity that I so desperately needed. He has also helped my son who is a competitive swimmer. My son was preparing for the swimming state championship and he had two sessions with Matthew prior to the competition. After the bodywork my son was more relaxed and confident, Matthew empowered him and did teach him breathing and stretching exercises that were key to his success, my son did amazing at the competition, bringing home two state championships...thank you Matthew!

-Maria H .

Saw Matthew for a prostate issue I was having. After he worked on my muscles and meridians, within a few days it cleared up. He also helped me with my diet. He was very thorough, professional, and compassionate. Whether you have an emotional or physical issue, he can help. I highly recommend him.

-Frank Trupiano

I was looking for a massage therapist in NOLA and came across some rave reviews about Matthew, and he delivered! He understands the human body very intuitively and helps you understand what is going on with your body specifically. It wasn’t until after we were done with the session that I realized I was fully clothed for one of the best/most informative massages I’ve ever gotten (and I frequently treat myself to massage therapy) so I think that says a lot. Thanks, Matthew! Tellin’ all my friends!

-Black A.

I have received bodywork from Matthew and it was mind-blowing. He was able to clear my mind, fix my digestion and get rid of my lower back pain. Judging from my experience I think he can fix just about anything on the body. I will definitely be back.

-Rachael S.

Matthew does amazing work for body, mind, and soul. I highly recommend him to anyone in search of deeper meaning and higher purpose.

-David R.

I overdid some physical activity this weekend and my back completely locked up. I was immobile for a full day and was crawling around the house the second day to get around. Could not stand without help. My son had to help me get dressed. The pain felt while attempting to stand was excruciating. People told me to get electric shock therapy, take a warm bath, put an ice pack on it, get a pain medication prescription. None of that was appealing. In just one session Matthew was able to get me walking again. As an added bonus I have more movement in my neck than I can remember having in a while. Things are not 100% yet but look forward to more sessions. Cannot thank him enough.

-Bernard G.

I have been going to Matthew for a year and I highly recommend him to anyone needing help in areas ranging from muscle pain to overall mental clarity. He is patient, understanding & professional. He has helped me in ways both expected & unexpected (and the unexpected ways have made the biggest impact on me). When I went to Matthew I had gone through chiropractors, massage therapist & acupuncturist for issues involving injury to my lower back. I only go to Matthew now as I find his healing techniques to be the most valuable to me both physically & mentally.

-Kamala F.

To say Matthew Ancira is a gifted healer would be an understatement. Matthew possesses a high degree of mastery and understanding of energy, which he uses in conjunction with his knowledge of the body and keen intuition to facilitate powerful healing, insight, and relaxation for his clients. His compassionate and heart-centered energy can be palpably felt through each session. I went to Matthew after experiencing a soccer injury, and I received far more healing than I would have ever imagined. Matthew not only assists in relieving pain in the body, but he also assists in freeing the blocked energies in both the mind and body that caused the pain in the first place. After my first session with Matthew, I experienced immediate relief from a painful shoulder injury and also experienced a wonderful emotional release. Matthew is not only adept at what does, but he is also humble, understanding and clearly takes great pride in his service work. I highly recommend Matthew for any kind of physical, mental or emotional discomfort that you may be experiencing, as I’m sure he will be able to assist in the perfect way for you.

-Christi Cousin

Matthew is the real deal! A friend recommended him, and I'm glad I took her up on that. He creates a comfortable and welcoming space and is ready to address any concerns, whether they be physical, spiritual or emotional. Before seeing him, I had fairly consistent back pain, and, since, I have felt much better. Matthew quickly turns into a friend and mentor, and I'm lucky to have met him! Highly recommend!

-Erica M

Matthew is an incredible healer! I am a very physically active person. I've played varsity sports, I run and bike often, and I attend many different kinds of fitness classes from boxing to pilates. This past summer, I began to experience an extremely painful feeling in my legs, so much so to the point where getting up from a chair caused me severe discomfort. I went to see Matthew for a few healing treatments, and my leg pain began to go away very quickly. Even better, my leg pain hasn't come back so I've been able to continue my active lifestyle. I highly recommend Matthew for any sports/physical activity related healing needs.

-Alex Keiser

I met Matthew by chance while I was visiting from out of town and he was extremely helpful regarding my physical issues. He’s an expert at his craft and extremely knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone.

-Michael Bellman

My sister started sessions with Matthew and I became interested in what she was experiencing with managing stress, peace, and meditation. I highly recommend Matthew, I live out of town and make sure to see him each time I am in town. The physical benefits of each session last for days. Both the physical and mental benefits are something I have incorporated into my everyday life and have noticed a positive change in my life as well as my outlook on life.

-Nicole M.

Matthew is able to relate to all walks in life. Whether you are new or experienced to energy medicine, he is a Master Healer! If you are on the fence on whether to go or not, take the leap ! He can open your mind, body and spirit to attract the abundance you seek in your life ! I’ve seen the difference in my life. I’ve seen him work magick in my mum’s pained body, and I’ve seen him help my partner’s back when nothing else works. I am privileged to have found such an amazing soul to advance me along my journey. Sa Sekhem Sahu

-Jesse Barry

Mathew is a rare find and Someone I am grateful to have him in my life. He has helped open my world to meditation and an entire new way of thinking ,living and healing. My husband and I go to him weekly and every time is different. We feel great and are dealing with all our old issues and getting them resolved. I have also gone to his last three meditation seminars and have been blown away! My children go when they can and also have learned a lot from him and absorb his knowledge. Do all you can to make an apt and begin your journey with him.

-Poe Carpenter

I’ve been working with Matthew for several years in different modalities of energy work. Helping people is Matthew’s calling and he uses all of his knowledge in every session. One reason I’ve been able to maintain my health during some very stressful times is because I regularly go to Matthew for energy work and trigger point massages. My entire family sees Matthew regularly and are thankful for the opportunity.

-Donna Gorum

I am always mystified at how he can always transform my mood and energy to a more pleasant state. He never fails to be extremely compassionate and receptive to the needs of his clients. Mathew also has a great sense of humor with how he approaches life. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know Mathew over the years and would recommend him highly. He is definitely the real deal. Sincerely,

-Wendy White

I'm really grateful I found Matthew and Higher Purpose Healing (and that he was willing to book me with very little notice, both times I've visited) 🙂 I found the practice via Yelp. Matthew is a very intuitive and educated healer who is able to ready your body and can tell very quickly where you are holding your stress, pain, and/or trauma. He's been a critical teacher on my healing adventure and I'm so glad I found him. I've referred friends and family to him and can't recommend the practice enough.

-Lindsay Kern

11 years of migraines. Chiropractors. MRI. Botox. RX medications. Emergency room visits. Neurologists. And eventually heavy depression leading to a failed marriage. I lost my life to my condition and to merely existing as a mediocre human. Qigong, mentorship and the energy bodywork I received from Matthew cured me of Migraines for going on 3 years now. Everything about my life has been elevated and I’m spiritually fed. Nothing is the same. I feel awakened, softened, and hungry for life.

-Kristen Carimi

This has been the best find of my life! Referred to Matthew by a friend, I skeptically decided to try him for a severe chronic pain issue. Years of traditional doctors where solutions were never found and I continued to live in pain left me frustrated and dejected. I was convinced I would live the rest of my life in pain. He listened and began to work on the skeletal issues he found. Each visit he worked a little more and after 2 visits, I was already noticing a reduction in my pain. I have seen him twice a week for about 6 weeks and I am pain free!! I once again have a life and can be productive and at peace. I know I will continue to get a quality of life back that I never thought I would get. I am also able to resume my art, an exercise regime and other hobbies that I had given up due to pain. I am eternally grateful to Matthew for what he has given me, my life back. I can not recommend him enough. Please go see him if you have pain or mobility issues. He can work wonders!

-Gretchen G.

We had Matt come to our clinic to work with the whole staff and he was excellent. He taught the staff tons of valuable information about energy, breath, movement, etc. Everyone loved him and we are already implementing the things he's taught us in the clinics! If you're looking to bring your team together and help energize and connect a group, I would highly recommend.

-Alison Frankel

I started going to Matt about two months ago. Since then, I have felt more like myself and more energized and peaceful than I have in years. He is knowledgeable and caters each session to your specific needs. Highly recommended.

–Rikki Judice

Matt has opened my life up to a new world of healing that I had not experienced before. I first began seeing Matt in order to heal my lower back and knee pain. After one session not only could I move and stretch with more ease than I previously could but I also felt a complete upgrade to my energy levels. My exercise sessions after seeing Matt are turbo charged in the most pleasant and natural way. With Matt’s energetic and nutrition focused guidance I am now beginning to teach my body to heal itself. If you suffer from any physical, emotional, or energetic ailments…Go see Matt!

–Ryan McKinnon

I am a fellow bodyworker and I have to say that this gentleman knows his stuff. By a simple gander at my posture, he implemented a plan to work target hotspots that unlocked areas of restriction and pain within my body. He also gave me a few helpful tips I can use day to day. I feel relaxed, pain free, and just want to sleep and let my body recover. Thanks brother.

-Ted Wheelock

Matthew is a gifted healer--of body and spirit. We are so lucky to have him here in New Orleans! I first encountered Matthew's gentle, powerful spirit at a meditation session that he taught and later signed on for a weeks-long training in chigong. A few years later, when stress generated terrifying afib episodes and I was seeking alternatives to "big drugs," I sought him out again. The results have been profound: my anxiety and heart issues have subsided, my neck can turn after years of stiffness (following an accident years ago), and my overall wellness, on every level, has increased substantially. I am grateful for all of Matthew's gifts and would encourage anyone (as I do!) to see what healing is possible when the whole being is engaged and we seek the sources of illness and pain rather than simply treat their symptoms. --Barbara Ewell

-Barbara Ewell